Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear c/o 2001:

 Dear c/o 2001,
I have been MIA for nearly 24 hours. I haven't lost that much sleep since GA was an infant. They say as you get older, day 2 is worse. And I can prove it: Monday was a little tricky at work. Caffeine consumption ensued.....ALL DAY. I think I would have been OK if I hadn't hit the after party at Dalton's for a little while. But, it was too much fun going on in the Rox...I am still sleep deprived but blogging anyway.....

What I really want to say is:......................................Y'ALL are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! (c/o 2001)

Can I just say that that was one AMAZING reunion y'all. I had the most fun of anyone I think (well except for this guy....
Chris Triplett, you are the dancing KING!
and this couple....
Derek Nunley, I cannot thank you enough for your FREE entertainment. I had a blast with y'all! Your wife is so fun too!
Ok so maybe I was the third most fun-having person. Seriously, I never imagined that we would all have that much fun. All I can say is that we are a group of the most fun people EVER! I couldn't wait to share some of my fave moments of the night with the whole entire Blogging Network. Get ready for some fun photographs!!!!! Here we go:

the best photographer EVER was so patient with us :)

4 hottttt ladies to be exact! Fun times! 

more lovely ladies!...and Brooke Denny you are so fun to party with! You married into the right class!
Thank goodness for the 2001 PACK fans! (me too!)
2 gorgeous couples!!!

always a pleasure to watch these two!


Your Varsity cheerleading captains if you please.....

And speaking of is Derek with my cheerleading sweater on.....
Two handsome men! ~ Yay! Timmy came!Much excitement!
love this girl!
I miss Marcus living on the Rox with me :(
I love that me and Sean have the same CLASS...Makes it twice as fun!!!
Oh yea! That's how we do it!!!! Cupid Shuffle anyone?
Friends since Mrs. Hughes 6th grade class! (And distant cousins too!) We have had some GOOD times!
Always a pleasure Ms. Laura!
This girl is FUN FUN FUN! We go back all the way to SMS!
This became one hilarious photo shoot.....

thank you Mark! I believe this is when they started playing, "Back that Thang up" ;)
and here they go again.....
Good times!
blurry and can't get it to TURN OVER! Grrrrrrrrrr

there they go AGAIN......the award for the most fun couple goes to.......The Nunley's!

Friends from the very beginning! Mother Goose Preschool representin'
Jason has Escaped to GA......Bless his heart! But I might need a "surgery" or two in a couple years so, keep up the good work!  


Major REUNION Here:
My Fave we are 10 years ago.....We used to spend hours getting ready just to go out to eat!!!! Macaroni Grille here we come!
Not much has changed...........
Still some classy ladies.......10 Years later and we still got this!!!!!!
Some of my most favorite parts of the night: 
- Cupid Shuffle
- When Amanda and I both realized that the music was entirely too loud. Then we felt old.. Really old....
- When Derek Nunley tried on my cheerleading sweater and proceeded to have a quick fashion show!
- When Rap tunes such as "Back that Thang Up," "Apple Bottom Jeans," "Yeah," and my personal favorite, "Drop it Like it's Hot" brought on some dance floor action!
- And last but not least, when Tony Ellis gave us the final "Get the H*$& out while playing "Roll Out" - Hilarious stuff. - I literally LOL'd for like 30 seconds. This song has been in my mind ever since.

All I gotta say is, if you are from c/o 2001 and you missed this Par-Tay you have GOTS to get on board in 5 years!!!! (I hope we can do it again in 5!) 15 Year Reunion here we come!!!! It is absolutely Ludicrous (another one of my fave's) that we are this fun of a group and we don't see each other enough.... Must fix !!!!!

Thank you so much to EVERY single one of you who came and had a blast with us. I didn't get to socialize as much as I wanted so forgive me PLEASE! We should ALL be so proud of where we are, who we are with, and the things we have accomplished. There is so much life to live so never give up on your goals and always be proud of where you came from (the Rox)! Hope to see you all again real soon. Until then.....Take Care!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!! Yes, you certainly were a FUN class! Glad to have a fabulous c/o 2001 sister to hook me up with such fabulous people!!

  2. Hate I missed all that fun! I will HAVE to be there in 5 years. I'm glad it turned out so well after all the hard work you put into it :)

  3. OMG...i love this blog and the class reunion was amazing!

    I think that a 15 yr class reunion would be the best. I'm ready to have some more fun. Gotta get this party started

    We might just need to have a 1 year reunion to get it going...i'm just saying

  4. I will remain anonymous, but your sweater was itchy, guess who?

  5. Them pictures of Derek Nunley are KILLIN ME. :D Glad y'all had fun! I will HAVE to make the 15 year. ;)


  6. Amber,

    Our reunion was AMAZING and it was mostly due to your AWESOME hard work!!! You really did a great job getting everyone together, having a great facility with great food, the video, and everything else! We really had a blast (and Mario too)!. I must admit that Derek Nunley was the best free entertainment we could have ever asked for. Thank you again for everything you did - I know the entire class of 2001 had a BLAST!!

    Love YOU!!


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