Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The 10 Years From Hat Club.....

Oh yea y'all. Summer is officially here! I can prove it on so many levels…. Here go a few of my faves from the weekend….

Nothing makes my day like walking into our local favorite summer hot spot and hearing, "here comes Hollywood!" {Insert slow motion music video of hot girl walking in, breeze blowing, and sun shining…….complete with 3 beach bags, cooler, and running child with floaties…}
Oh yea…Reality…..That's right....hair in tact, trendy headband, pearl earrings, fresh make-up, flossy cover-up, and the largest sunglasses you've ever seen (Thank You DG and Anna Foushee Welch for my latest hot summer accessory). That loud "here comes Hollywood" would be coming from one of my fave summer partners-in-crime Mrs. Amy Newton. And oh yes I am fully accessorized and completely made-over just for her viewing pleasure. Well, not really just for her (shhhhhh..don’t tell her…she doesn’t have the internet…seriously…yes I know, that’s a whole other issue). I have realized that when you no longer have your oh-so-fabulous girlish figure (did I ever really have that anyway?...um I think yes!...see mud photos here ), you must accessorize and rock what you have in order to make up for it. Therefore, I will rock my headband, my full on Merle Norman skin care line and make-up collection as well as my trademark of very very very large pearl stud earrings and I will rock them well. And they are my trademark. And yes….that is how I will survive summer complete with golden brown deciousness of a tan. So, later this week I will catch everyone up on our Summer Survival Kit, including all summer essentials for my Hollywood look.
Now, the official opening of summer would not be complete without our entourage of fabulous females. Upon entry to the Whispering Pines you will be greeted by the newly named “10 Years from Hat Club.”  This would consist of one wild group of fabulous females, each bringing their own array of deliciousness to the row of chairs for which we have claimed as our summer retreat. Now this club, named by our favorite lifeguard indeed, is by far no insult. This means we have exactly 10 good years before we start wearing the ever so dreaded, sun visor. And yes, companies do still produce and sell them for your retail therapy delight…NOT! Well, at least 2 members of the “10 Years From Hat Club” will show you up Mr. name-calling-lifeguard-man. I mean after all, you are talking to the accessory and perfectly personalized.... Queen! So….say what you will but, I will be rocking one of these real shortly at the whispering pines!

Not only is spending the summer together good for us, it is good for our babies and menfolk. Let’s be serious, what better way to flaunt your husband and babies than at the pool. First of all, nothing is more fun than a slick, wet baby in swimming gear splashing around. Second, husbands are always in a good mood at the pool which makes them extra HOT! (Exhibit A)
Now, even though they are our babies, they are growing up quite quickly before our eyes. It was just four years ago that my Georgia Anne and Ethan spent their first summer together at the pool. {Insert awwwwwwwwwww} My how time flies….
 Well, they are just as cute today as they were then and still best buddies (until someone squirts somebody with somethin’ or they need to wrestle for a float, or somebody threw their pool thingy in the deep end)…Hey, it’s summer….let em’ work it out themselves. But the best thing about our babies and the pool is you get this at the end of the day………..
 {Insert large chorus of Alleluia}

So to all of you who are wishing you could sit back and watch the “10 Years From Hat Club” enjoy their summer at the pool, too bad. You can’t unless you have a membership. And quite frankly I just want to rub that in a little since this year is our first year as actual members. Ahhhh, thank you summer for coming in on a long weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Particular Personal Complaints….a.k.a…Pet Peeves

I don’t think there is anyone else on earth that has more pet peeves than I do….  Let me just unload for a minute about a few. Today is my day for venting….

Numero Uno: I HATE HATE HATE a voicemail.. Seriously….doesn’t everyone know that all cell phones have Caller ID ?.. There is nothing worse than this………

The only people allowed to leave voicemails should be your doctor or dentist to remind you of an appointment. There is just no excuse….
Do not call me and leave a voicemail saying this..”Hey…it’s me…call me when you get this…” Well, Duh…….I mean, I saw your name pop up the first time. I just didn’t want to answer the phone. Seriously….I have my phone on me like all-the-time. I know you called. And, if I didn’t ignore you the first time, I will see a missed call. Get a grip you relentless voicemailers.

Number Two: Along those same lines…another group of communication mishaps….. the dreaded Email FORWARDER…let’s be serious…Is it really that funny?…Did you really LOL at your desk? NO, I think NOT. It is NOT per say, a ‘Good One.”
In case you are email illiterate, you will not be any luckier, prettier, or wealthier if you forward it ten times. You will also not be rejected by God for not forwarding an email (He loves you anyway…) Also, I have seen enough Rednecks and their fashion faux pas at the local Wal-Mart…there is no need for the annual circulation of the startling images.  So, to all you lovers of email jokes, National fill-in-the-blank day, and FW: WARNINGS, please refrain from sending FORWARDS to georgiasmamarox@yahoo.com. Thanks and have a great day…………..and get back to work!!!!! 

NuMbEr 3: Me being a lover of all red condiments and all…………except cocktail sauce, salad dressings, and ……ok well, maybe I just like KETCHUP. And, I’m a ketchup snob. Like for instance, Del Monte is of the absolute best kind. I prefer this over all brands.  It is the thickest, richest, best flavor of all brands. I prefer to eliminate Wal-Mart as a provider of all the necessary condiments on the simple premise that they do not sell Del Monte. Thank you to Food Lion and IGA for keeping it real….You are in fact my ‘hometown grocers.” 

And here is where I take a further offense to yet another non-informed-ketchup-provider ……….It’s you….I have an issue with you Cookout…….Just because I order a corndog does not mean that your oh-so-perfectly-packaged mustard condiment offering will be perfectly paired with your all-beef/cornbread combo on a stick. I mean really, southern girls like things tangy and sweet, or simply just plain HOT. So you needs to get on board and get some ketchup (or hot sauce-Texas Pete only) in said takeout tray………. 

Plus, I feel that your disregard for your perfectly sized dipping container is a waste of product and environmentally hazardous. We all know that Styrofoam does not decompose. You must all agree that these are terrific points.
I will not get off on my Mayonnaise tangent at this time. I will save that for another day when I am extremely ticked at something and need to vent further. However, let it be known that Mayonnaise is not considered a condiment in my book. It is nothing to me except a simple waste of shelf space. Especially at Wal-Mart where they could actually have enough room for at least 3 rows of Del-Monte. 
For further review of condiments and their meanings, refer here for the luxury edition of classic condiments paired with NC food by our good friend Shug in Boots.  

Ok so now that I'm fully vented.....What are your pet peeves?  
Hump day tomorrow! Make it a good one!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ode to the Newton's

This weekend really was one of those delicious ones full of family, friends, babies, and children (crying cause they had so much fun they don't wanna go home), and some classic down-home girl activities on the Rox.....

Seriously y'all a delicious weekend with the fam....and speaking of delicious, can I just say that I am oh so proud of my attempt at a classic Newton family recipe.. Proudly brought to you by.....

A very special old school measuring cup from Gma Newton's...I wasn't lucky enough to ever get to cook with her or even know her really well at all, but I've heard so many inspiring stories about what a great southern lady,  wife, and mother she was. She was apparently a FABULOUS cook which my M-I-L totally takes after... :) Luckily, she shares recipes and secrets with me!
Um yea....pretty much the backbone to all Austin, Newton, Batten, Allen, and other Various Clement family cooking....It is a must-have for your kitchen!!!!!

So, as any true southern girl would do for their husbands who love jelly and such, we will stock up for the winter. So I spent a lovely Saturday morning heading out to the Brooks Farms in Timberlake with my fave M-I-L (mother-in-law for y'all that aren't in the loop) to pick my own strawberries. Now, my hubby loves to get down on some delish strawberry preserves that his Mama makes (and his lovely Gma made before her). So I attempt Grandma Newton's recipe and get down with my first round at canning things this year! Wooo hoooooooo...Hey it's what we are supposed to do................

 Let me just stop for a minute and pay tribute to this right here.....
"I'm an old southern woman! We're supposed to wear funny hats and grow things in the dirt! I didn't make the rules!"

Gotta love the classic verses from Steel Magnolias....

 So Anywho...., nothing made me more excited than the pop...pop....pop......pop..pop of the lids sealing so that I knew my canning adventure was a fo' sure success....Now here's what we got....... Wooooooooowheeeeeeeeeeee
You daggone skippy this is some good stuff!

Not only did I concoct a classic newton Recipe on Saturday......I got to actually get down Sat. night with some of my fave Newton/Austin "hostages." 
The two newest hostages.....and oh how we love some football.....good day for representin' our teams via super comfy T-shirts

Most of us ladies deemed ourselves the hostages over Christmas this year.....we are married to the Newton men...lovers of all things fried, battered, canned, jellied, or made by their Mama's.....Hey...we love em' anyway! Other than losing Grandma last year, all the times I have spent with the Newton family have been extreme fun! 

So naturally, when we get together we do it RIGHT!

Beginning with some seriously good groceries.............then some real life...on the Rox...activities! 

A little Corn hole Action.........

check out my super-hot hubby gettin down to some corn hole.....

brotherly love....this is serious stuff

 Some lightnin' bug catchin'.......

.....And some FROG catchin'......
Who knew my baby would be such a lover of 'God's Creatures'? ...and amphibians for that matter...and she loves bugs....it's this planet we are on ...i swear it is.....;) 

 All I gotta say is...at least we can say these children grew up doing the same things we did....chasing lightning bugs, catching frogs, and crying cause you had so much fun you didn't want to go home.... Seriously, the most precious thing about families is children and babies...which is why we like to squeeze them as shown here.....
what a widdle sweetie pie!
"Auntie (that's me) you seriously need to go get my paci...and some bug spray....thanks"
Q-T-PIE! Eden capturing lighting bugs!

Mimis... as shown in this photo are of the special kind....they think everything we do is shweeeeeeet! We need more of those.....

 And finally....we have the "men folk"............most of which sit around catchin' up (cause they are too full to get up and actually move.....) or, they wanna get in on the action and skunk their son in some corn hole
Exhibit A.....to the right...Wayne Austin......actually smiling.............enough said.......
catchin' up? or waiting for round 2 with the dessert table?

So, as you can see...... as long as you keep us well fed and well entertained we are quite the happy crew. There gives me no greater joy than sitting around, sharing stories, and making new memories with new family. I love to hear them tell stories about Mr. and Mrs. Newton and the lovely memories they all have of them. I think they would both be proud of how this family has turned out and they would be so proud that we are all still hanging out and having a good ol' time. So here's to you Newton family.... <3 XOXOXO

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get your Reunion on Y’all…….

Oh yea! 2001! It's on! Aug 13th, 2011 ~ Let's Celebrate!
now that is more like it!
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than planning a shin-dig. Sometimes I think I am such a loser for getting all giddy about some super-fab event in which I will have way more fun than anyone else. Mainly, I can get along with just about anyone and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing people I haven’t seen in forever. I can envision just about every detail of the whole shebang (Beginning with another dress in my closet, and heels and mega cute accessories). Next, I lay awake at night envisioning how the whole process will play out.
Lemme just say that I am so excited about life’s next big social highlight.  Ten Year Class Reunion people! I cannot even believe it has been 10 years since we walked down those stadium stairs (trying not to fall ‘cause our heels were way on up there) and we stepped out onto that field. Proud parents and family standing by...watching… as we gathered with those in which we share the 2001 insignia. Remember the gray metal chairs, the crisp blue robes with collars more than likely put on wrong, tassels swinging, and the paparazzi of flashes as those last memories of PHS were frozen in time (probably 35mm since digital was just coming in,…dang! Remember film?) 
Y’all can’t say you are not excited. We all graduated ON THE ROX. It was our planet at the time. Even if you moved away, you still can’t escape the stamp of 2001 on your soul. Radios up way too loud (more on that..), skipping 3rd lunch to hit up the Bojangles, or hittin’ up Bowmantown bridge for the next idiot to jump off. Been there. Done that..Got grounded.  Please somebody say that I ain’t alone!After ten years, I have a better understanding about what it means to graduate from PHS. Raise your hand if you have been to the grocery and thought, “You know what… they need to turn that radio down…” as some 16-year-old rattles your shopping cart with their 12 inch speakers in the back. Hello!!!!! When did this happen to me? I USED to be that girl! I actually had 12 inch speakers which I thought I would have forever. Now, all I’ve got in the back is some junk in my trunk (take it any way you please), a stroller, a car seat, and probably a sippy cup. I love my priorities now! Other times (especially with summer upon us), I think to myself, “I know her mama does not know she is wearing that.” My mama would rip me a new one for sho! I am ten years past being that girl (thank goodness). The one who is now grown up and saying, “If I knew then what I know now….” With graduation upon us for Roxboro’s seniors, I think about that phrase. So….if I knew then what I know now……. 
  • I would say I am sorry more often…to my mama!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would want all my friends to know Christ as their savior!  
  • I would make everyone feel more welcome in “my crew” …furthermore, there would be no crew ...we are ALL “the crew” 2001! 
  • I would tell more people that I love them (especially Cassie Cash and Beth Ann Barnette…I   just had one hour with each one!!!!!!)
  •  I would make a new friend every day and invite them to our lunch table
  • I would not date ANYONE….enjoy the freedom while it lasts (especially through Senior Week...oh heck yeah! and college!) 
  • I would only go to the prom twice. Four times is a waste even if you do feel so cool your freshman year… it ain’t all that. 
  • I would actually eat at lunch instead of trying not to. It ain’t worth it. Although, ohhhhhh to be that size again! (I might take that off the list another day). 
  •  I would buy clothes from vintage stores and set new trends. My mama would have been so proud who probably went broke buying me the right “brand.” – Who cares?
  •  I would have not cared where I parked in the parking lot and with whom. I would just be thankful to have a car.
  •  I would sincerely thank those teachers who invested in me.
  •  I would have taken more chances!!!!
  • I would stand up for what is right (and I did most of the time!)
  •  I would have worn my Senior Superlative title "Biggest Gossip" proudly...  (instead of this next one....)
  •   I would NOT have slapped anyone and gotten suspended! It haunts me til’ this day! After all, I did miss our class picture in the gym and my B-day at school. That sucked!
      I would totally have one last mud fight with all my besties! I lust after another good mud wrestling event. I am convinced Beefy’s Mud Bash will return one day! Hey, maybe on our 20th???? (enjoy the photos below and praise the Lord some of them are too blurry to recognize people...LOL ...if you were there you know who they are :) I will not name names...but I will name INITIALS...LOL

Clearly...mud is good for the complexion and we learned this early on......
- So, let’s don’t all show up in clothes we can’t afford, cars that really don’t matter, and titles no one understands anyway. Let’s just show up and be us. 2001! So now, after a little reminiscing I am gonna expect the rest of y'all's registration forms to come on in now (or leave comments below)! Comments are my fave! I cannot wait to share the night of August 13th night with my class! So….Get your reunion …On the ROX! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Holy Sundays!!!!

Sometimes we can learn the largest lesson from our children...or simply a children's message. This morning, as I sat in our usual row (up front like a good Baptist) I just kept thinking about how my church in Rox is so much different than the one I used to LOVE in Raleigh. However, one thing I love about both are the children's messages. For me, they are the version that we can always understand, relate to, and reflect on (no offense Rev. Wall).  Hey...if my four year old gets it than more than likely I will too. So today, I was blown away by Mr. Adams lesson on what is truly "inside." He had 2 presents; one nicely wrapped with a ribbon, and the other in balled up newspaper. Now, my baby GA is no fool; she choose the one with the balled up newspaper which magically had the prize inside (it was just M&M's but hey..it was still a prize). You can see where this was going....(then we ate M&M's through the offeratory hymn....)

Anywho....So as I sat there I started thinking about what is truly inside of ME. More importantly I thought about what message I am portraying on the outside. Some days, I am a very well put together package and others I am just barely put together at all...I may be a package filled with NOTHING inside on some days. Some days, I smile even though I don't want to, I laugh and tell funny stuff just to get through the conversation, and sometimes I even seem interested in what someone else is saying...even though I could care less! I think everyone has those days at some point.  I sat there thinking about this subject and how I have always been taught that you have to hold it together and put a smile on your face no matter what is going on internally. Say what????? If you know me you know this is not easy for me. The older I get...the more I just really don't care what others think. (Note to self....I need to start praying that I can use this for good and not evil :)

The magnitude of a pleasing outward appearance is what makes people stand there, gripping the pew in front of them, fighting back tears, and resisting what the Holy Spirit would have them to do. I know I have done that many times throughout my life. You don't want others to see that you can't hold it together or that there is something wrong in your life. We all have issues. I firmly believe that God has created us all to be emotional creatures. The only way we can feel those emotions is for God to use the circumstances in our lives for His glory.  When else will we lean on Him? We should be leaning on the Lord and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ instead of holding it all together and creating this package lifestyle.  Some of us are burdened by emotional scars so deep they may never fully heal. We may have days where it seems that God is no where to be found. But, the truth is, God has never ever left us. He has never forsaken us. At your lowest point, God was there whether you invited him or not.
I told ya......As y'all can see...I do sit in the front...way on up in the front....

I just had one of those really meaningful Sundays where the sound of all those heavenly voices singing together in the room give you chills, the lesson and the message was just right, and God showed up. Today He reminded me that next time I want to stay in my nite nite's until 2pm, wear no-makeup, and just be alone without fake-smiling at anyone, He is still there and He will use that opportunity to get my attention. He certainly got it this morning with a simple concept. Whether the package is all ribbons and pearls, or whether it is barely packaged at all, it still delivers a message. Have a great week! Love in Christ y'all!

Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s your call……

I think we all want to be that friend everyone calls when they are excited or just need to spill their guts about something. Sometimes, the information is just so “bad girl” that you have to tell someone or you quite possibly may burst. I’ve heard this is where women go wrong with information…. details of a relationship or an affair. We simply cannot wait to dish and simply get all the feedback we can or to clean our guilty consciences. Then, it gets more exciting to tell the story sometimes and the information spreads from there. Now, I have never had a close to friend to have an affair. But we have for doggone sure had our share of exciting, bad girl circumstances. Although, the older we get the less this seems to happen..come to think of it, it has been a long time for any of us.  All I can say about that is, thank God..... We never kiss and tell in our group! What gets shared...stays. Creating a life long bond of secrets and story telling.
For whatever reason my girlfriends call me, I light up at the sound of their voice. When you share secrets and stories with them for so many years now, you can tell in the first few seconds how that call is going turn out. I love when they catch me totally off guard with some juicy details or some exciting news (like some new magical bling, etc.) Mostly, it happens during the worst possible time at home (bed time for GA, supper time, or during the Good Wife) but I don’t care I will always stop what I’m doing. Now are the days of scheduled ‘catch up’ phone calls and a series of phone calls just to get to the good details of our lives. But like always, I never want to miss a second of girl time and it absolutely thrills me to get a glimpse into their life via phone or text which is so different than my own life. I once told a good friend of mine, “sometimes I wish I had your life” and she said, “…and sometimes I wish I had yours.” Well, that puts things into perspective now doesn’t it? If I could take a little smidgen of all my BFF’s lives and put them together, it would be one HOT foxy lady who had it all going on! The truth is…we all got it going on to some extent (oh yeah we do!).

The best parts of these conversations (for me) are those few seconds when you realize your BFF is up to something and she is waiting for just the right time crack with the scoop. I can mentally see on her face the excitement and hear in her voice complete pleasure with every detail. I also love to totally BURN them when they are explaining details as if they didn’t plan it that way at all. Yeah right….I’m totally on to her. I can so read into scandalous. Whatever the phone call, I am down for some advice giving!!! For the most part, I have always floated through life always banking on the fact that God is in control….and He is!!!!!!! However, we cannot outsmart human nature and the desires that bring out the utmost bad girl in us. I realize now since my life is kinda normal that none of my bad girl times outweigh the ‘good girl’ times I have in my life now. It’s just not worth it! I do not miss the days of random dates, loser guys, and trying to make things work that quite frankly were just stupid to begin with. 

My whole point in getting off on this girlfriend / news flash tangent is that for years I have been the one getting to hear fab stories of boyfriends, heartache, engagement rings, and so forth. Y’all should just know that these moments are absolutely priceless to me. If you have one BFF or 100 you know that those special times where you lean on each other, and spend hours laughing, or even crying it fills your soul and you leave that place a changed person. Every time I am with one of my girls, I leave a better person than when I came….Even if we are at a restaurant where I can’t understand anything but “chicken” on the menu. I leave that place knowing that my friend (love ya Tracie) who chose that restaurant is such a sweet, charming, enlightening person. I value her because she broadens my horizons from what I’m used to here on the Rox and I would never be who I am without her. There should be some kind of special holidays set aside just for girl time…Well, it don’t really matter…..we make our own holidays for girl time anyway!! 
So, as the years pass by, just know I love being the one who gets called to hear the news, the details, or even the unexpected tears on the other end of the line. I will always give you that dose of honesty on the other end just as each of you did for me many years ago and still to this day. Thank you for always being the best medicine, the best therapist, the best confidant, the best laugh, the best FRIEND. Love y’all!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Truth

Now being a Southern lady and all, you hear all kinds of phrases. For so many reasons I cannot even explain, I am tied to the dreaded “I told you so” phrase from my mother (Lord help me when she sees this). Truth be told…she was right most of the time. Furthermore, the ever-so-dreaded, “NEVER say NEVER.”  I have heard these phrases since birth I presume. Family members will throw them out in casual conversation; my eyes rolling (a trait I am known for) as the sting of the words linger in the air. Only later you find they are not so casual when those words bite you and your eye-rolling in the rear end. And….It may take time but what goes around really does come around…especially here. 
Me and Mama ~ Queen of "I told you so..."
My blog description ain’t lyin’ either. Life...it's always "on the rocks" here for somebody...and Roxboro is like its own planet. Embrace living here (if you must), accept that change is well... inevitable, and enjoy LIFE... This is my goal. To enjoy life here, make the most of it, and learn my purpose for coming back to a place for which I am now eating my words. I said I never would, never could, never wanted to. Now look..here I am.

The facts:  I am married to a man I would have never thought I would be married to.  The wonderful miracle God saved just for me (more on that later). We have gone to school together since preschool. Always friends, never dated, then one day it all changed. Now, we are sharing a life together..on the Rox. This planet of in-laws, old high school friends, and new beginnings (for us anyway). 
Here is me and the hubby (Sean)....We are totally looking like ballers on our honeymoon knowing we ain't :)

I also have an amazing job with the best co-workers.  They light up my day every day and I actually look forward to going to work.  More so, the occasional visits from my besties in Raleigh make it all bearable. They are all from here anyway. I am so super jealous of them all for not giving in and getting out of here the second they had a chance. I discovered the brief period of peace and freedom in my three years living in Raleigh. I left the Rox broke, with a three month old, full of hope for a new beginning. Only to find out it ended right back here. Bummer.  I still to this day do not know how I made it in Raleigh. I had a full load of classes for 3 years with a growing infant and I was so exhausted I didn’t even know it. Exhaustion kept me going. If I were to stop or stand still I would collapse and efforts would be wasted. Raleigh was where my seeds were planted at the time. However, my roots still remained here…on the Rox.

In Raleigh I was really growing and I changed A LOT. Being alone is something every person must do in order to be able to evolve in the world. I don’t mean by-your-self…I mean ALONE…really alone. Everyone needs nights of tears and being on the phone with a friend who totally gets it, more heartbreak on top of heartbreak, and to really have to want something and not be able to get it. You need to suffer. Live without things you really desire. Take care of someone else who depends solely on you. See where that takes you.  It forces you to be the real you. You will never be the same. You will grow and blossom despite all the circumstances and the exhaustion. Being alone will not kill you. It does make you grow….it does change you. 

Speaking of growing things…. I am growing even more now that I am back on the Rox. Every day presents a new possibility or some train of thought for a new internal discovery. Some days I think I am actually going CRAZY ..no like really crazy… Other days, I am just floating around soaking up all the crazy from everyone else. Never a dull moment here….
Here is my baby GA (Georgia Anne) ~ she's a real charmer as you can see 
Again, back to growing…  So as any true country girl would do, I am staying true to my roots and actually growing things. Yea y’all for real….like tomatoes, okra, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, and flowers. I have been a plantin’ fool for the last few weeks. I think I get that honest...from my daddy (he's a forester). The excitement of growing things is just precious. Watching something grow and reaping the benefits is priceless…especially when there is a little person with some big discovery on her face as she learns from you. Also, I have to grow in small increments for now until I reach Hester's Store status one day (we have gots to get out of the city limits...well almost the city limits). For as long as I’ve been alive the women around me grow things, can things, freeze things and stock up for the winter.  Hey, I’m just stockin’ up my southern duty as a woman and showing GA the ropes… but who is really paying attention anyway? 

Here's my other babies ~ I DO talk to my plants.. it helps!

There are so many things that we southern belles are supposed to do. Be proper at church (or as best I can), smile, write thank you notes (although still a few left from the wedding), plant things, grow things, can things, cook for your husband, teach your children everything, say “how’s your mama doing?” and so forth. The truth really is that I love it all. I love being home. I love being near my mama and my daddy. I love being near my Memaw and PawPaw. I LOVE being with my husband. I love that my daughter will get to be with her family as we all raise her with roots and wings. However, I am still NOT sayin’ that I LOVE the Rox