Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh fairy godmother where are thou?

So you know how as little girls we were totally lied to about boys.... I mean not on purpose but nobody actually told us the truth about them. Right? ... Yes right I am.  Proceed for further evidence.

My first ever movie in the theater was Snow White. I remember this very well. I remember how excited I was when my parents told me we were going and I think we might have even skipped church on a Sunday to go to it. {GASP!} In case you didn't know already, the Rox didn't get a movie theater in my lifetime until like 2001, 2002??? I dunno. I just know it was wayyyyy after it should happened. Thank you Palace Point for making my excursion so see a movie only 10 minutes instead of 50 now. Anyways, I can remember seeing that movie like it was yesterday. I remember the prince, the falling in love, the whole shabang. 

Then came Little Mermaid, Cinderella., Sleeping Beauty, etc..... So from the very beginning and then continuously after little girls keep getting that whole "happily ever ever thing" very wrong. Even though I must admit that it is directly over my bed now as a quote, as we speak.

Don't get me wrong .I am so happily and joyfully married. But it is not always prince charming or princess material. Needless to say, being the said "princess-type" bites me in the u-know-what more than it helps me.  Prince charming ain't packin' all the best traits either all the time. But, he is best for me, and God put him here (and saved his life) just for me!
My point in all of this is...I have so many friends who have absolutely no idea what it is like to be married. It is not as said...a fairytale... so-to-speak. They have NO be completely tied down; to put one (or maybe even 2) person's needs and desires above your own. Do you think I wanted to clean our bathroom tonight for almost 2 hours? I think NOT.  I have a running list of people in my head that I just know marriage will spank them right where the need it. Many of them have the warm gooeyness about making him happy, being all snuggly happy forever,  and yada yada yada... Whatever ma sisters in life... You needs to get on the reality train. 

Just this week I ran into someone who recently got married right after Sean and I did.  I said the ol' "How's married life?" Oh my goodness, what a loaded shotgun that was. I love when people are completely honest. Like when she said, "It's an adjustment." {Insert several high-fives and a "preach on sister" from yours truly}. I mean really...thank you so much to someone for honesty. It is an adjustment, it is hard, it is tearful.... it's LIFE people. Be honest about it y'all. If you were lucky enough to not experience these "symptoms" then you are in fact just that. Lucky. However, just because it is rough the first few months means NOTHING. It means you are learning, experiencing, and more than anything developing your own character for marriage. Sean and I also had to consider our daughter in our adjustments. We have made such huge improvements in a mere 6 months. We are in such a good place now that we have gotten a routine down pat. Y'all can here me knocking on wood right? I look back and think about how fast time is flying since we got married.  

I can say that marriage is the largest blessing I have ever experienced and I know that my purpose in marrying Sean is more than I can even fathom. Thankfully, God knows exactly what we need, when we need it. It is still hard to have a joyful heart while doing the laundry, scrubbing the toilets, cooking and cleaning almost EVERY night, and making sure they are both fed and dressed and shipped out safely the next day. Feel the resentment? Women have such huge amounts of anxiety over the daily tasks of taking care of a family. I just tell myslef that God designed us to do that and so we have to keep moving on. I mean do you think the hubs is going to work all day thinking about dinner arrangements? I think NOT. With that being said, be your own fairy godmother, make your own magic, create your own fairytale, and I know blessings will come your way!

And for goodness sakes, ignore the wicked witches!!!!

Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!! (Love her)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Would you wear these?????

First lemme just say that very rarely do I talk about my business ventures via blog. But, I figure what the HECK. There is nothing wrong with a little consumer input right? Recently, my at-home business Specialty Design Co. has been picking up speed and people are planning for Christmas already!
(It is like 8 weeks away you know?)

Here are a couple things from my last Home Show which was SUPER fun and a success!!!

Jewelry and anything Monogrammed!!!! 
 Metal Arts :)

So, in thinking about Christmas and all the fabulous products I have already, I can't help but think about adding to my product line.

Have you even been planning your tailgating outfit and worried that you might ruin your fave pair of cowboys or heels in the mud or scrape up the bottoms on the nasty pavement walking in???? I SO have. Need I remind you all that we park at the water tower and migrate FOREVA to get to the stadium.

So, what do you think about these?????

There are also tons of matching accessories for game day.

Can't you just see me Packin' away??????

I need input STAT!!! Like or HATES????

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This CrAzY girl is RANTING today!

I shall begin with ranting: 

I am in yet another funk. No bloggy love this week for the Rox. I am in fact quite jealous of all my favorite bloggers who have the most entertaining posts this week. Let's discuss.

Beefy got to go to the SC State Fair. The land of my birth and I myself have never been. It looks like much fun. Jealousy set in, in the worst way.  And the fact that she's home with the hubs for 3 weeks is sickening. I can't even talk to her. I thought about texting and then I thought, I am at work. I can't. I shouldn't.  Oh wait, but she's home. Then I just gets jealous again. And my vote: for the past 3 weeks, her posts, most entertaining.

Ms. Lindsey over @ Mommy Teaches! has the sweetest little post about mamas and babies and how that all happens. Bible verses for reference, musical options, and all. Score for my soul this morning.

Confession's of a 20 Something: PLL gets yet again another prize. How bout' this from "Confessions of an almost 30 Something"....I want a prize too daggone it {insert inappropriate name calling}. This ain't about you PLL, it's about me and the funk I'm in. You are as always, ever-so-entertaining. 

The best thing that has happened this week is Peanut Butter M&M's in fun size packages in the boss' office. Like I really need that. I'm bout' to go get one.

Ok I'm back. I actually got 2.

So This morning, I was awakened at 4:55 with the dumbest of all reasons from that who woke me up. I shall not name initials at this point. How many times do I need to explain that should you need to wake me up for such randomness...I think NOT. Let me repeat. NOT?  Not everyone can fall back asleep that easy. Grrrrrrrrrrr..... 

Also, I feel it is quite inappropriate to call anyone before 9:00. How are you sure that they are not sleeping late on purpose?  Don't screw it up for them. 

 Overall, not myself this week. 
I'm later to work than normal. I'm tired. I'm jealous. 

I haven't cleaned the recycling off my desk in 3 days. 

I need a prize. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Target to the Rescue

After the day I have had, all I can say is..Target you are in fact my favorite of the day. 
 (Actually this leeeetle surprise was Friday but I forgot all about actually opening the mail over the weekend and shazaaam, made my day today!) 

So today I have nearly the most draining day at work EVER. Mainly because I let myslef get all wrapped up in the imperfections of others. Not a good trait I know. I can't help it. I am the do-gooder type. The fixer. The rainbow, smily, clouds and sunshine kinda girl that wants to just save the planet and make everyone all glittery and sparkly with good traits. Know what I mean? 
Picture it, me actually saving the world. I can totally see it. 

Anywho, to make a long story short, I went shopping after work with one of ma favorite locals. I dare to mention her name for lack of being able to actually link her to this post or even share it with her for goodness sakes. No Facebook, no e-mail, no INTERNET. How dare she??? I mean, so amazing that we are even friends. Well, the truth is we have been friends for like 12 years now but now we are family thanks to the Austin/Newton's. This sort of thing happens on the Rox quite often. I will say that I have spoken of her in this post and her hubs in this post. Just wanna say, LOVE her and girlfriend made my night with a little impromptu retail therapy. Nothing like chit-chatting all the way in the car and back. No one else could even come close to getting a word in.
Moving on. So after having a crazy day at work (and still feeling blessed by my job), and shopping, and Chic-Fil-A diet lemonade, I was yet to find another surprise upon my home arrival. While digging out receipts for the hubs outta my purse, I stumbled upon a reminder on the kitchen table for a little BONUS via my mailbox and Target. 

What happened next just and I was completely smitten with the new addition to my daily necessities. 

Don't Be jealous. This here is another reward of coupon delight.

This is the prefect size/color/shape and fabric for my purse make-up storage.

I don't know that I've ever truly noticed my ring in a photo. That was 100 X more better than the samples :) 
LOVE LOVE LOVE me some samples. They are the best for traveling. I also like to keep some hair shampoo/conditioner samples in my wallet.  Hey, you just never know..... and the ones in these flat packages fit in perfectly. It's pretty sad when hair samples replace your checkbook in your wallet but at least if I get stuck somewhere over night I can still have some clean, shiny, hair in the morning! Priorities.

Notice the $20 worth of store coupons? Pair them with manufacturer coupons and you can catch a pretty sweet deal on some cosmetics. Off to target we go this weekend. Cha-Ching! 

Thank you Target for sending me a "happy-gram" on just the right day, and thankfully I am always late doing anything, and I opened it at just the right time!! 

For more info on free samples, and coupons check out They will randomly post when sweet deals like this come about and you can grab the links from their page to sign up! SIMPLE!

Happy Monday Night! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

This could quite possibly be my child....

First Things First: 
I did not find this entertainment special on my own. It was shared. Blog shared. Friend Shared.

Luckily, my girl knows that I love such entertainment.  My personality has been distilled, bottled, and drank by this little brunette girl apparently.

Please watch this video. It's just 5 minutes. Seriously, take a coffee break. Make sure to get to the end when she starts rapping. We all know I love some rappers. Thank you YouTube and Ellen ;)

Don't you love how excited she gets? 
I love when she says, "We love pink." I mean, who doesn't? 
And then she busts out a little rap in a tutu and tiara.
I think she has my mannerisms too. 

 Quite perfectly the best possible first entry for my 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Next time, We'll be PACK'N

You best believe that next time I hit the trail to Raleigh, NC from the Rox for a tailgatin' good time, I'll be sporting a LARGE magnetic item on Sean Austin's Toyota such as this........

SERIOUSLY, me and Beef came up with this on our own..... because we is so smart you know???? THEN....some sweet little shug pie (who must be stalkin' our MEGA sweet ideas) had already come up with this fab little T-shirt number.

We must gets one of these ASAP!!!! We will probably be financially supporting some gangsta' fraternity and their weekly keg contribution fund. I ask you...WHO CARES??? when you can rock a mega-sweet T-shirt for such a low price. After all, it is much harder for college kids to bank a student loan these days. Let's give him props for his entrepreneurship. Go YOU,  Mr. Packin' T-shirt-fraternity-boy.

PS...That would be a great "Real Men of Genius" commercial on the radio from said fraternity's keg company. LOVE those commercials BTW. Crack a sister up in the car EVERY time!

In addition to our random photo ops with complete strangers, we also casually stalk target PACK celebs for a photo. {Insert annoyed husbands who have to take the photos, hold the camera properly, zoom in, and then stand there as we proof said photo}.


CJ Leslie....just any ol' Saturday at the pack game, chillin' in his "Nobody Likes You" {snicker} T-shirt. Is he mega-tall or what???? I needs to start carrying my Panoramic camera circa 2001 in ma clutch for such events of extra tallness. {insert more annoyed husbands in the future}This little run-in with CJ also got me super excited for basketball season. Must purchase tickets.
He seems to be used to getting crazy requests such as ours... Can we take a photograph shug????

And here are some more awesome photos from the Stizzle game on Saturday 
(we pulled off a Win too y'all). 

My baller' Stizzle Wreath ...such craftiness! I'm pretty sure that this was lucky and it may or may not have been the reason we won. 
Unveiling of my new hair via blog
I wish skinny jeans really did make me look skinny.
I have also included bonus inside footage for those who do not partake of the tailgate. Yes, not only am I a faithful spectator but also a stalker. 
Fun things NCSU students do to prepare for the best possible tailgate:
(So glad I had a baby in college to get me out of all this fun stuff.

 punching holes in your can / beer spray/ who can drink the fastest???? )

Frat Boys and Sorostitutes
I do think it's funny that they bring their living room furniture to the games for tailgating purposes

:Homeade spaceship BBQ grills as seen here
- gots to be from the school of engineering

More PACK Photo Headlines: 

Check out this Alums BEST use of a pumpkin EVER

Clearly these children will grow into their tailgating personalities with age.

I also LOVE old men who are still PACKIN'

Something about the band and all the drama of kick-off gets my blood rushing! It's my fave part!

Here is my ever-so-responsible husband conversing with the only responsible people present. The EMS.

So adorable...........

Nothin better than a man PACKIN in a cowboy hat and boots.

And always a pleasure to run into friends from the Rox.

Unfortunately, I missed Scotty McCreeery sing the national anthem cause I was reading up in the bathroom. I can't understand why all the bathroom stalls say... 
"Please Do Not Flush Liquor Bottles in Toilet"

Who does that anyway?????

Is that a normal phrase in the bathroom at all college football stadiums or just NCSU???

Sorry for all the grammatical errors in this post. I am still in "Beef"-mode after spending such a lovely day with my homegirl, sister-in-blogging & life! For volume 2 of this post click her blog here.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let me Explain....

Did you get to see my Guest Post this week???? It pulled me from my blogging slump!!! 
Thankfully, I was rescued here by my sista-in-bloggin'. Thank you Beef!
Being away from blogging is kinda like skipping church for a's hard to get back into it because you have missed so much and it's hard to catch up!
So....what in the world have I been doing for the last 3 weeks or so????
Major Announcement......I cut my hair....TWICE. Here's the remnants...
these were the first remnants...then I went back for round 2!!!     
This book is going to be the death of me.....
I have been gettin' my Sunday School teachin' skills on the past few Sundays.... Seriously, who doesn't want to learn about being an excellent wife???? I mean, keeping a "joyful heart" while doing the laundry, cooking and cleaning, vacumning, and making sure your child's little tail is clean is all easy right....and SO fulfilling????? Of course it is.. So, I am pledging faithfully to this book. Reading...Soaking up the scripture. TRYING to let it play out in my life. I am convinced that God has a plan for me to be content in all of those and that's why he blessed me with this little shugar pie :)
and this one...

And the hubby and other men folk in our class are studying this...
I mean, the woman who wrote The Excellent Wife should have written The Exemplary Husband. We would have it made gals! BUT........ Jesus has another plan!!! If you want to hear more, join us on Sundays! We actually have a lot of fun!! I think God is working in all of our lives as well! DOUBLE BONUS :)

I have been crafting on the real... here are a few faves:

We also had Relay-for-Life here on the Rox.....Representing all the lovies we have loved and lost, and those we are still fighting for. I made some of these...which were a hit!!!
One thing to remember about the Rox is people pull together for the things that are important. This is what makes our community GREAT!
RELAY is one of those events. 
It's like a magical social hour, fundraisin', and remembrance all wrapped up into one. It was my first time actually attending RELAY this year...I know...the shame. So naturally, me, the hubs, and GA did it up right!!!
And here ya go...A Taste of the ReLaY
my fave MIL and one of her besties!

a little community action...cancer walkers united!

Ga gettin her face painted up by miss Aiko!

GA's first ever - sportin' a weave (a pink one)

adorb....makin me kinda jealous

Mimi and Sam

Kids Walk!!!

my widdle shug pie nephew gettin his snack on...

GA...not so sure...

Clifford is growing up fast...that suit lookin' a little stretched in some personal areas
is my hair shorter than this...oh yes it is...this was round 1!!!!

classic facials here from my girl
 That same weekend...we joined our fave family friends for this little shug pie's 1st Birthday celebration.
Have you ever seen anything any sweeter? Please ignore the ECU paraphernalia from the background. We love her Mimi and Papa anyway.

So, now you know that I haven't just been sittin' around eating Bon-Bons and watching Grey's in my nite-nites. I have been fo' real catching up on some good times with friends, family, and making some memories. I like to think of it like my new fave biblical reference....Courtesy of the K-Love....

So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun.

~ Ecclesiastes 8:15, NLT
 I have certainly been right on track..........Love to you all! Have a great weekend! It's Friday in 16 minutes!!!! Which means in less than 36 hours (and countin') I'ma be practicin' this verse a little further with these lovelies....

 It's gon' be a Tailgatin' good time!