Friday, October 14, 2011

This could quite possibly be my child....

First Things First: 
I did not find this entertainment special on my own. It was shared. Blog shared. Friend Shared.

Luckily, my girl knows that I love such entertainment.  My personality has been distilled, bottled, and drank by this little brunette girl apparently.

Please watch this video. It's just 5 minutes. Seriously, take a coffee break. Make sure to get to the end when she starts rapping. We all know I love some rappers. Thank you YouTube and Ellen ;)

Don't you love how excited she gets? 
I love when she says, "We love pink." I mean, who doesn't? 
And then she busts out a little rap in a tutu and tiara.
I think she has my mannerisms too. 

 Quite perfectly the best possible first entry for my 


  1. Thank you Amber! That totally made my Saturday morning!!! Loved seeing you and GA yesterday =)


  2. Love, love, love this little Sophia Grace! I saw this on FB one night and OF COURSE had to rush to school to ask my 2nd graders who saw it and who is familiar with the song. SHOCKINGLY about 1/2 of my students had seen the video and their comments regarding it...."she says even the bad words!" hahaha...Anyway, each time I see her I laugh.


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