Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Next time, We'll be PACK'N

You best believe that next time I hit the trail to Raleigh, NC from the Rox for a tailgatin' good time, I'll be sporting a LARGE magnetic item on Sean Austin's Toyota such as this........

SERIOUSLY, me and Beef came up with this on our own..... because we is so smart you know???? THEN....some sweet little shug pie (who must be stalkin' our MEGA sweet ideas) had already come up with this fab little T-shirt number.

We must gets one of these ASAP!!!! We will probably be financially supporting some gangsta' fraternity and their weekly keg contribution fund. I ask you...WHO CARES??? when you can rock a mega-sweet T-shirt for such a low price. After all, it is much harder for college kids to bank a student loan these days. Let's give him props for his entrepreneurship. Go YOU,  Mr. Packin' T-shirt-fraternity-boy.

PS...That would be a great "Real Men of Genius" commercial on the radio from said fraternity's keg company. LOVE those commercials BTW. Crack a sister up in the car EVERY time!

In addition to our random photo ops with complete strangers, we also casually stalk target PACK celebs for a photo. {Insert annoyed husbands who have to take the photos, hold the camera properly, zoom in, and then stand there as we proof said photo}.


CJ Leslie....just any ol' Saturday at the pack game, chillin' in his "Nobody Likes You" {snicker} T-shirt. Is he mega-tall or what???? I needs to start carrying my Panoramic camera circa 2001 in ma clutch for such events of extra tallness. {insert more annoyed husbands in the future}This little run-in with CJ also got me super excited for basketball season. Must purchase tickets.
He seems to be used to getting crazy requests such as ours... Can we take a photograph shug????

And here are some more awesome photos from the Stizzle game on Saturday 
(we pulled off a Win too y'all). 

My baller' Stizzle Wreath ...such craftiness! I'm pretty sure that this was lucky and it may or may not have been the reason we won. 
Unveiling of my new hair via blog
I wish skinny jeans really did make me look skinny.
I have also included bonus inside footage for those who do not partake of the tailgate. Yes, not only am I a faithful spectator but also a stalker. 
Fun things NCSU students do to prepare for the best possible tailgate:
(So glad I had a baby in college to get me out of all this fun stuff.

 punching holes in your can / beer spray/ who can drink the fastest???? )

Frat Boys and Sorostitutes
I do think it's funny that they bring their living room furniture to the games for tailgating purposes

:Homeade spaceship BBQ grills as seen here
- gots to be from the school of engineering

More PACK Photo Headlines: 

Check out this Alums BEST use of a pumpkin EVER

Clearly these children will grow into their tailgating personalities with age.

I also LOVE old men who are still PACKIN'

Something about the band and all the drama of kick-off gets my blood rushing! It's my fave part!

Here is my ever-so-responsible husband conversing with the only responsible people present. The EMS.

So adorable...........

Nothin better than a man PACKIN in a cowboy hat and boots.

And always a pleasure to run into friends from the Rox.

Unfortunately, I missed Scotty McCreeery sing the national anthem cause I was reading up in the bathroom. I can't understand why all the bathroom stalls say... 
"Please Do Not Flush Liquor Bottles in Toilet"

Who does that anyway?????

Is that a normal phrase in the bathroom at all college football stadiums or just NCSU???

Sorry for all the grammatical errors in this post. I am still in "Beef"-mode after spending such a lovely day with my homegirl, sister-in-blogging & life! For volume 2 of this post click her blog here.

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  1. Awesome Sauce! I didn't realize you took a pic of those people shotgunnin a beer. I guess I now have to go actually write a post about the game ... oops. xo!


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