Thursday, October 20, 2011

This CrAzY girl is RANTING today!

I shall begin with ranting: 

I am in yet another funk. No bloggy love this week for the Rox. I am in fact quite jealous of all my favorite bloggers who have the most entertaining posts this week. Let's discuss.

Beefy got to go to the SC State Fair. The land of my birth and I myself have never been. It looks like much fun. Jealousy set in, in the worst way.  And the fact that she's home with the hubs for 3 weeks is sickening. I can't even talk to her. I thought about texting and then I thought, I am at work. I can't. I shouldn't.  Oh wait, but she's home. Then I just gets jealous again. And my vote: for the past 3 weeks, her posts, most entertaining.

Ms. Lindsey over @ Mommy Teaches! has the sweetest little post about mamas and babies and how that all happens. Bible verses for reference, musical options, and all. Score for my soul this morning.

Confession's of a 20 Something: PLL gets yet again another prize. How bout' this from "Confessions of an almost 30 Something"....I want a prize too daggone it {insert inappropriate name calling}. This ain't about you PLL, it's about me and the funk I'm in. You are as always, ever-so-entertaining. 

The best thing that has happened this week is Peanut Butter M&M's in fun size packages in the boss' office. Like I really need that. I'm bout' to go get one.

Ok I'm back. I actually got 2.

So This morning, I was awakened at 4:55 with the dumbest of all reasons from that who woke me up. I shall not name initials at this point. How many times do I need to explain that should you need to wake me up for such randomness...I think NOT. Let me repeat. NOT?  Not everyone can fall back asleep that easy. Grrrrrrrrrrr..... 

Also, I feel it is quite inappropriate to call anyone before 9:00. How are you sure that they are not sleeping late on purpose?  Don't screw it up for them. 

 Overall, not myself this week. 
I'm later to work than normal. I'm tired. I'm jealous. 

I haven't cleaned the recycling off my desk in 3 days. 

I need a prize. 

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  1. I hate when people call me at crazy times & wake me up! Add to it that I'm 2 hours behind everyone in my family right now and you get a bear at 6 am. Once I'm up my mind starts racing & I can't fall back asleep to save my life! I feel your pain.


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