Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh fairy godmother where are thou?

So you know how as little girls we were totally lied to about boys.... I mean not on purpose but nobody actually told us the truth about them. Right? ... Yes right I am.  Proceed for further evidence.

My first ever movie in the theater was Snow White. I remember this very well. I remember how excited I was when my parents told me we were going and I think we might have even skipped church on a Sunday to go to it. {GASP!} In case you didn't know already, the Rox didn't get a movie theater in my lifetime until like 2001, 2002??? I dunno. I just know it was wayyyyy after it should happened. Thank you Palace Point for making my excursion so see a movie only 10 minutes instead of 50 now. Anyways, I can remember seeing that movie like it was yesterday. I remember the prince, the falling in love, the whole shabang. 

Then came Little Mermaid, Cinderella., Sleeping Beauty, etc..... So from the very beginning and then continuously after little girls keep getting that whole "happily ever ever thing" very wrong. Even though I must admit that it is directly over my bed now as a quote, as we speak.

Don't get me wrong .I am so happily and joyfully married. But it is not always prince charming or princess material. Needless to say, being the said "princess-type" bites me in the u-know-what more than it helps me.  Prince charming ain't packin' all the best traits either all the time. But, he is best for me, and God put him here (and saved his life) just for me!
My point in all of this is...I have so many friends who have absolutely no idea what it is like to be married. It is not as said...a fairytale... so-to-speak. They have NO be completely tied down; to put one (or maybe even 2) person's needs and desires above your own. Do you think I wanted to clean our bathroom tonight for almost 2 hours? I think NOT.  I have a running list of people in my head that I just know marriage will spank them right where the need it. Many of them have the warm gooeyness about making him happy, being all snuggly happy forever,  and yada yada yada... Whatever ma sisters in life... You needs to get on the reality train. 

Just this week I ran into someone who recently got married right after Sean and I did.  I said the ol' "How's married life?" Oh my goodness, what a loaded shotgun that was. I love when people are completely honest. Like when she said, "It's an adjustment." {Insert several high-fives and a "preach on sister" from yours truly}. I mean really...thank you so much to someone for honesty. It is an adjustment, it is hard, it is tearful.... it's LIFE people. Be honest about it y'all. If you were lucky enough to not experience these "symptoms" then you are in fact just that. Lucky. However, just because it is rough the first few months means NOTHING. It means you are learning, experiencing, and more than anything developing your own character for marriage. Sean and I also had to consider our daughter in our adjustments. We have made such huge improvements in a mere 6 months. We are in such a good place now that we have gotten a routine down pat. Y'all can here me knocking on wood right? I look back and think about how fast time is flying since we got married.  

I can say that marriage is the largest blessing I have ever experienced and I know that my purpose in marrying Sean is more than I can even fathom. Thankfully, God knows exactly what we need, when we need it. It is still hard to have a joyful heart while doing the laundry, scrubbing the toilets, cooking and cleaning almost EVERY night, and making sure they are both fed and dressed and shipped out safely the next day. Feel the resentment? Women have such huge amounts of anxiety over the daily tasks of taking care of a family. I just tell myslef that God designed us to do that and so we have to keep moving on. I mean do you think the hubs is going to work all day thinking about dinner arrangements? I think NOT. With that being said, be your own fairy godmother, make your own magic, create your own fairytale, and I know blessings will come your way!

And for goodness sakes, ignore the wicked witches!!!!

Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!! (Love her)

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