Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Intervention Please

So here is what Halloween does..... It totally gets me off balance. I need reinforcements, back-up, an intervention. I would say since last weekend, my life has been somewhat out-of-sorts. Mainly because of candy. I know. It's ridiculous. I am approaching 30, (rather fast might I add), and people should still hide candy from me.  This is serious. Now you know why my child also has a problem with candy. We don't keep it on hand because of such an issue. Then, I clean out her Halloween bucket and this is what I find. 
Two hours worth.
Clearly she can't be left unattended with candy either.

Remember that day when I was in a funk? That's when it all started. Our office started collecting candy for our Trick-or-Treat event two weeks ago for our big event. I was Snow White. Again. Photo booth and everything. Super fun though. I got to squeeze on nearly 120 children in 2 hours. Elmo was my side-kick. Sometimes they screamed at Elmo. It was adorable and entertaining. 

 Then we had trunk-or-treat at church... More candy. More candy. More candy...
All my fave Clement Girlies!

Then when Halloween actually came, we seriously got a 5 gallon bucket full of JUNK after the final compiling of all said Halloween activities I did have to organize it into snacks, chocolate products, and fruity/sugary products (for easy access of course).

The amount of candy is not really a problem. It's the candy that is a precursor for my ongoing problem with food. Since I have been eating candy on the regular, I find it necessary to continue eating other crap. 
Exhibit A - Your basic FROSTY
Doesn't the bonus condensation make it look extra delicious?

Not only did I go get a Frosty - I found it necessary to add Butterfinger topping.... Throughout the entire experience. This happened in several layers.

At least I ate a Lean Cuisine for Lunch.

To further explain my sickness, I have no desire to exercise, nor to stop actually eating junk. How do I snap myself out of it and get back on track?  I must get fixed before the rest of the holidays. It will only be a downward spiral from here.


  1. Dude, I totally bought the frosty coupon book. :(

  2. Totally feel the same way! I refer to my problem as candyolic! I a Going to
    Back on track I go.....gym gym gym....that is the only thing that keeps me sane!!
    Love read your blog!


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