Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Retail Therapy Options

Just FYI, I am about 95% done Christmas Shopping. Including SANTA! How about you? Well, if you are not off to an OH-SO-GREAT start, consider these local possibilities for all the ladies and little girlies in your life! 

As Promised I am giving you updates on some local shopportunity. This past weekend, I had a great experience at the RCS Holiday Extravaganza. My company Specialty Design Co. set up camp and had a great turnout from repeat and some new customers. Just need to add that Monogrammed Scarves are HOT right now!!! Good gracious!
Check out my catalog for more options!

I love my little side-j.o.b so much because I can put my creativity skills to work as well as earn a little extra cash for my own personal upkeep (and y'all know I requires a LOT!) as well as saving some. I also hope to take my baby to Disney in the Spring next year so Mama is workin' hard! Most of all, I enjoy interacting with customers and giving them a great product that they love and not having to spend a ton to get something personal! I also love to see people's faces when they get something they love (ps. my Love Language is Giving/Receiving Gifts). Nothing makes me happier than to give someone a little prize!

When ever I attend these events I always like to scope out other various vendors because I love to support the locals!!! Well this past Saturday was a huge bonus score for me. I found this sweet little Boutique from Durham. I still consider local - who doesn't go to Durham? Seriously...Our options on the Rox are limited. It's called Smitten Boutique . I can't wait to go visit their store!

I got the BEST shoes from these ladies! I am so excited about them I couldn't help but share. I have gotten a lot of 3 for 1 deals before but not like this.

Oh my goodness! I am so in love. As the days of open-toe peeps are coming to an end, I needed a re-vamp in my closet for Fall. These are so very perfect!  First, they come with 3 amazing interchangeable snaps that give you  a 3 for 1 deal!!!! These flats are velvety, stretch and so completely comfortable. Pair them with some leggings, sweater dress, and a Pashmina and you are completely accessorized.
My fave are the pink, bling-bling snaps that I wore yesterday. I felt so sparkly all day!!! You can tell they are well-made too. After wearing them for 2 straight days all day they barely looked scuffed on the bottom.

I also got my mom the latest in comfortable fashion slip-ons. My Mom is real trendy on...the...real... Always looking her best and completely accessorized.  So, I decided to surprise her with some red slips ons that she cold rock over the HoLiDaYs! Pair those red shoes with her sassy new hair cut and color and she's a total knockout! 
These are also comfy and cute with jeans or leggings. I dare to say I bought myself a pair too. The same shoes as my mama.  

So, on your next run to Durham, you have to check out Smitten Boutique. They had a ton of baby and kids Mud Pie items (trunk show Nov. 9th) and their website showcases all the lines they carry. Even PANDORA!

Next on the local shopping list: 
- If you are a mama of a sweet little girl like me, you have to be in-the-know with the latest Hairbow diva that I have discovered. Meet Lesley Annas from Pink Pixie....a Girly Boutique.

The best thing about this lady is her AmAzInG prices! If your a cost-conscious mama you will be blown away by her skill and pricing. She has bows in all sizes and even the grippy stuff to keep them from falling out. She also has headbands, clip-ons, and pony tail accessories. Check out the handi-work!

I especially love these rosette clips and GA loves them too!  And if I can get a bow in her hair then, I call it SuCcEsS! 

Hope this gives you a little fun start on shopping and some new places to visit! 
Next on the list: THE MEN in our life... What to buy them??? 
Any ideas anyone?
XOXOXO Happy Shopping XOXOXO


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me in your post and on your blog! I am so humbled by your kind words!

    Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.
    Ephesians 3:20 (NLT)


  2. I love that you're committed to buying locally! That's great :)

    And those hair boys are just adorable.


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