Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still Recovering from Black Friday...

Can I first apologize for that ginormous heading up there - will correct after Google search of how to shrink said photo ;) 

annnndddd Yes. I am still in fact recovering from Black Friday - stayed up Thanksgiving night and finally went to bed at 4:30 am. Got up 5 hours later to go get GA- All that staying up late used to be easier......But, Black Friday totally taunts me-  I stalk the cites online for who just got the black market version of the sales papers in hand. I love it when they get leaked and the scanned copies from someones Iphone get circulated via internet too early. 
So, in honor of my being absent for soooooo long, we will take a quick recap of Life on the Rox over Thanksgiving.

Standard Thanksgiving Activities: 
1. Kissing babies 
2. Corn Hole 
3. Austin Family Photo 
4. Gator-rides from Daddy 
5. Hunting (Hubby and Brother-In-law both got a deer! - yep...that's how we do!)
6. Black Friday Shopping & Recovery 
7. BFF visitation / shopping / crafting 

GA and Reagan hit the Merle Norman for a make-over!- They are their mama's child.

 crafting for The Summers
girl time (with 3 children in tow of course)
- and that's how we do Thanksgiving....On the Rox! 

And now for a brief preview of some upcoming Holiday Posts!
1. Drafting my Spreadsheet of Christmas gifts (any my own list of course)
1.5 - Decorating 101 
2. The Santa House ... on the Rox (get excited!)
3. Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast - tradition...
4. Mis Cupleanos! (es correcto en espanol?)
5. Angel Tree Shopping
6. the Rox Christmas Parade
7. More Local Shopping- Support the Locals!

There are so many exciting things I love about the Holidays.  For certain, I begin the dash to Christmas as soon as I pack up, and trash, and eat the Halloween candy. I LOVE ME some CHRISTMAS Y'all! - so get pumped for some Holiday cheer via Life on the Rox! 
Sorry it's been a while -busy,  busy girl.......

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