Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend on the Rox

Much needed weekend on the Rox: 
Chapter 1- 'Cheat-as" never win'

Much to my dismay, I was unable to go to the NCSU / UNC game on Saturday. Tears flowed. Twice. I was so torn as to whether I should go or not. I gave my ticket to my daddy. I totally know that I made the right choice. He was so happy to go and he had a great time tailgating with some of our best friends! I couldn't have been a happier girl at the end of the day (in less of course I had been there too).

Overall a successful day: 

#1 ) We (NCSU) did in fact and quite frankly open a can of whoop you-know-what on those tarholes!!! 
{Insert "whoop whoop"} 
Thank you to the Carolina "Cheat-as" 
oh um....I mean Tarholes 
#2 ) Since the hubs is a mostly converted UNC fan (until basketball season anyway) we can continue living in harmony at home. He would certainly fear for his life if said Tarholes had won on Saturday.  That's what happens to cheaters and those "joking around' on the field. The Herald Sun had it going on this morning. I just loved waking up to this...

The NCSU/UNC game is always a biggie for Sean and I. It was our first date 2 years ago and at the time Sean had not yet been converted. Ew....I know...a UNC fan? I was already sure it might not work out. Needless to say, prayers have been answered and he is now wearing red and looks amazingly hot in it. 

If you need an update on tobacco road rivalries please tune in here.  My bloggy BFF gave a quick rendition of the latest on said rivalry. 

Chapter 2 - Economy Boost!

Even though I missed the game on Saturday I got to promote my biz all day on Saturday. With much success might I add. Another one of the many ways God has blessed me with talent and ability!

I also want to catch you all up later this weekend on some other great local vendors that I think moms and ladies will love for some shoportunity. I met some great vendors on Saturday!!  You will have to wait until later this week to be introduced to my latest purchase. 
I know you can't wait. 


Chapter 3 - Auntie Loves!!!
One of the great things about living on the Rox is that I get to be a part of my nieces and nephews life way more than I did when I was in Raleigh.   I have 5 and 4 of them had a birthday weekend. Kelbie turned 7, Caleb turned 8, Kayla is turning 10 tomorrow. Praise the Lord! These three are so precious and I love to think on their birthdays about how each one is so special in their own unique way.  Kayla is so thoughtful and affectionate, Caleb is so manner-able and always a sweetheart when you see him, Kelbie the headstrong yet very sensitive little stone. They each have their own fire that is irreplaceable and unique. Sorry I didn't get any pics of their party. Here is an older pic of them all. 

I did get some pics of another little man in particular - who had a VERY special birthday. 

My Landon turned one today {tear} - It seems like just yesterday we were coming to visit you in the hospital. 

This was such a special moment for me a year ago. Sean and I were not married yet, and some how I felt that day that I was already untied with his family. When Landon was born it was another stamp of affirmation in my heart that God had ordered my steps from where I had been to where I am going.  I remember a group of us praying over him and Katie and Thomas. Tears filled my eyes in the hospital room that night and I felt such happiness and closeness that I had always wanted for my marriage, and family. It brings tears to my eyes right now just thinking about they years to come and all the joy he has brought to us all this year so far. One thing that just completely fills my cup is that moment when GA held him for the first time. Me and Katie thought she was going to cry her self.

Now, she loves him so much and it has brought out a side of her I had never seen.  I know that they will have so much fun growing up together!! I can only imagine the shaninigans they will get into!!! 
 Poor Landon is all I gotta say!! 
Just remember Landon, Auntie's can always get you out of trouble and they give you way more prizes!!!!! 


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