Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Spanx or NOT to Spanx ?

First....How smart am I? Last night I researched HTML codes in order to center my blog photo in my heading and I totally pulled it off. Like it?  I am in shock that I completed this without failure on the first try. MOVING on.....

Most of you local followers + my newest not-so-local ones already know, I am planning my class' 10 year reunion. Get excited here.

During the planning, I have come across quite a few minor dilemmas. However, I am not even stressed about any of it. Really I'm not. Everything is moving along fabulously with just less than 2 weeks to go. Thanks to my wonderful class members (except those of you I am still waitin' on checks from... ;) Just Kidding (sorta)...
My real only major dilemma? What to wear...what to wear...{Insert ginormous sigh}.... We are going to finalize this little situation during this post....I am certain I will work it out via blogging.

I promise you right now, Sean Austin has to be the best man on earth. He has probably heard me 23,243,245,439,847,328,598,743 times say, "I don't have anything to wear....grrrrrr" Meanwhile I slam both closet doors from which I inhabit in our bedroom. Poor thing, Sean has to live from the guest room with his wardrobe. Then sometimes for extra effect I might even shed a small tear during the dreaded PMS week which is the only week I can use a believable excuse for not fitting in my clothes....

What I really enjoy (NOT) is for the hubby to give me advice on what I should wear....randomly picking out something and saying, "What about this?" Seriously Sean...Seriously? That only happened like once since we have been married. Learned his lesson good the first time. That's the fun of being married to a man who loves clothes as much as I do. And may I also say that Sean is such a great sport for being a mini-target in so many of my blogs. Entertainment value....just for ratings honey, I swear...<3

Here is where the core of my dilemma comes in to play.... I absolutely refuse to go and spend money on a dress for the reunion when I have more cocktail dresses in my closet than anything else (accept shoes...which have their own separate closet). I am a dress L-O-V-E-R. And you know I live for the heels and mega cute accessories to go with.... BUT...Big BUTT here (snicker).

Many of my dresses REQUIRE a leeeeetle help from from an outside source....aka...tha SPANX....
 And this photo...just for sheer fun....
And for the record, the Wal-Mart and Target brands do not "do the same thing." Until you have had the real thing don't let me hear that phrase.... Pa-lease! It's like replacing Diet Coke with a store brand...Umm..not gonna happen. Spanx have to be the best $50 dollars I have ever spent at the Sacs Fifth Avenue and quite frankly they are worth every penny and MORE. A fashion MUST. Nothing else other than an herbal cleanse and a 48 hour fast can knock you down a size and be completely worth it. A fashionista's staple piece of underclothing!

BUTT, it is wayyyyyyyyyytoo HOT up in the NC to be sportin' the Spanx in Mid August. They raise your body temperature by at least 10 degrees I swear. It could result in Death by Spanx...I can so see it in the headlines of the Courier Times....."Reunion Planner Dies in Tragic Spanx Related Accident."

Maybe I get so hot in them cause I'm not used to being squished that much...and I am a leeeetle claustrophobic? If I wear them, Y'all might find me laid out in the bathroom hyperventilating every time I need to go potty (yes...mommies say potty). And Sean can't be in the ladies bathroom to help me breathe and pull them up. OK so problem solved, whatever dress I chose, rest assured there will be no False Advertisement. All the curves along the way are the REAL deal. Ok, so there it is...Decision made...Some of my classmates who read this will be like...what??? Well, that's cause they haven't had a baby yet. End of discussion.


  1. 1) Love the new layout.
    2) Love the pic of the celebs in their Spanx.
    3) Love the reference to how ridic it is to even compare store "cola" to the real thing. Gross. Or comparing Pepsi to Coke for that matter.



  2. This cracked me up! My favorite line of the whole post "Well, that's cause they haven't had a baby yet." LMBO! Oh and Mommies do say certain words huh?! Love it!

  3. Girl, please! I haven't even had a baby! Who cares anyway? You're still beeeeautiful!


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