Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why do I Coupon??? Let me count the ways..............

Reasons to Coupon.... 
Duh, to save your money for real necessities!

Exhibit A: 

 And NO! I am not taking up horse riding. 
I just want some riding boots to accentuate my Fall clothing line. 
Tights (or leggings) + cute dress + boots = Magical Day
I did not purchase and now I am so mad at myself. It just kills me to pay full price for something.  Thank You to for access to those purchases which should have been an impulse buy :)

Exhibit B: 
The "Kathy" Van Zeeland  Clutch/Mega-Sized Wallet ...completely studded with some bling framework and gold accents!!!!

patent leather, card holders, outside pocket on the back

BAM! Lots of room for all my monetary needs + a zippered coin pouch. Don't you just love the magical gold lining? I do!

Way bigger than my last wallet.....You can't even tell the ginormous size of this thing.

I really love large things and I am completely in heaven with this wallet. The BEST beach purchase EVER!!!!! Even better cause it was about 70% off! Ain't you glad you get to see Kathy's debut?  This overly-large wallet is just perfect for all my cards, receipts, store coupons (like VS, Belk, etc.), and maybe even the checkbook if I get permission ;) It can also hold my BlackBerry if needed for a night out with the girlies! Achievement for sure!

See why I have recently taken up the art of couponing???? Not to the extreme I tell you. I'm more of a Couponista if you will. However, I must say that I'm pretty proud of my most recent transactions. Here a few of my last shopping adventures:

Transaction #1
I nearly robbed the CVS last week. I am dead serious.  The Rox PD may come a knockin' any moment. I feel I took poor advantage of the young girlie at the counter but I really didn't know I was at the time I promise.  If CVS goes out of business it may be because I am exposing ways to shop them out of house and home. Sorry CVS! 

First of all, I had a raincheck for some of the Zhu Zhu pets and accessories that were on sale a few weeks ago 5 for $10. That's a pretty sweet deal to stock up on Christmas presents and a little prize for my sweet girl. I've been waiting for them to get some more in. Meanwhile I was in there and I got what I thought were just the accessories. I was tired of waiting for the rest to come in. Boy was I wrong on what I was buying!  BUT I racked up a huge bonus!!! Some of those things were $17.99 and they were NOT the ones that were originally on sale. I did not realize until I got home and looked at the receipt. Oooooppps! So, some that were $17.99 I got for $2...Cha-Ching! Note to self: CVS Staff...ummmm not-so-knowledgeable + keep raincheks! I also had a coupon for $4 off a 20 purchase just for signing up my rewards card online. BONUS!!!! Here is what my total order looked like: 
5 Zhu Zhu pet "accessory" toy thingys, 1 box of Cascade, 2 lunch plates (for ma man!), 3 air fresheners, 1 bottle brush, 1 pack of batteries, 2 packs of dental floss (for $.99 on clearance - WAS $3.49), 1 mini-conditioner
I only paid $21.44

 Transaction #2
Last week CVS was also giving away FREE stuff. Some of the things included a 30 pack of CVS bandaids, Candy bars, and Carefree panty-liners. All you had to do was scan your card upon entering. They were out of stock of some of the FREE items but they gave me the coupon discount anyway when I checked out. If I got a cheaper item, the coupon took $$ off of the other items I bought. Here is what I got for $1.47: 
2 boxes of 12pk. sugar free crystal light stuff, band-aids, and a candy bar. I saved over $5.00 just from scanning my card at the scan center.

So, Here are some of my coupon tips for the week regarding CVS: 
  1. Pay attention to store Ads for what is actually on sale vs. the coupons in Sunday's paper. You can get additional savings! 
  2. Get a Raincheck for items on sale if they are out of stock. At CVS the rainchecks never expire. I lucked up on that one!
  3. Use the scanner in the front of the store to get additional coupons upon entering the store.
  4. Look for name brand items on clearance to use your manufacturers coupons. At the beach, I got a large tube of Crest toothpaste for 18 cent because it was a clearance item and I had a coupon!!
More coupon blogs to come but I just had to share my CVS adventures before I burst! 


  1. Thanks for the tips! I sooooo need to force myself to get into this couponing addiction. Wouldn't Anj Davis be so proud?! Did you order the boots?!

  2. Geez - that's a TON of money you saved!!!! I didn't know you could save that much at a drug store. I've been trying to do more with couponing so this is a great help. Thanks for the advice!



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