Thursday, March 8, 2012

All I ever wanted.

The only thing in life I have ever known I wanted to do was be a mother. I cannot even remember my life before she came along. I think that is because from the very second I knew I was having a baby my life actually began. 


I remember it like it was yesterday. I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I even said to my mother, "she is so pretty." I kept saying it like no one heard me and it was all I could say. About 30 hours after entering the hospital, 2 jacuzzi baths, walking around the birthing floor of the hospital, two epidurals, some Stadol (and flying pink and blue elephants in the room - I totally remember this), this magical person appeared at 12:21 am at 8 pounds and 10 ounces. I am just a mere few hours away from the 5 year anniversary of the event. I cannot even believe it. I wondered what she would look like, what her first words would be, and how I would have enough days to let her wear all those adorable clothes hanging in her closet?

Now, I find myslef thinking I thought I knew what love was then. But, Geez Louise! Now, it is even better. The first time she said "Uh Oh", and "Mama", and grabbed my finger, threw her paci on the floor, and stood up in her crib, and sat up on her own, and smiled, and laughed...I just kept falling for her. I remember being so tired in college, and all I needed was to go to sleep. And then she would cry, I would open the door to her room, and she'd be standing up in her crib smiling. She had only been walking for about a week when she broke her leg. I was devastated but she taught herself to walk in a cast with her leg bent. She is so determined! And she knows how to pull you in!

I loved how she would take a bottle and fall asleep on me at night. I miss those days....kinda. I would lay her in her crib, pray over her, pray to God to keep us safe in our journey together. And it has been a journey. But she was my lifesaver, my "turn-around-God-wake-me-up-finally moment". She was what pushed me through college, and pushed me to make a better life for myslef and for her. The second I laid eyes on her I was changed forever. And so has anyone else that has ever met her. She tends to take up all the space in the room, to demand your attention, to devour your senses. She is dominant, brave, matter-of-fact, assertive, sassy, and sensitive all at the same time.....and the sweetest thing you have ever met in your life! She has such love for life and people. She has taught me about selflessness and discipline, and determination, and suffering. She has taught me love, and fear, and joy just by breathing.

To GA: 
I love that dashing blond hair and big blue eyes, sweet little hands and feet, and that precious little voice. Even though you say Mama like 100 times a day now!  I love that every night when I say, "what's your favorite thing you did today?" , you always say, "being with you" - even if I only saw you for 30 minutes all day! I am so glad that you didn't mind me photographing every little millisecond of your life the first years, and that you are so photogenic. Oh, where do you get that from??? I love that we both love nite nites and we love to watch movies, cuddle, and sometimes take naps together. I wish that I had a video of you every day. You are so funny. you have a quick wit about you. you are smart. and sassy. and you know it.... and absolutely the best kiss ever!!! You are the best face to wake up to. I love how when you wake up, you always stretch your body with your eyes closed, and then let out a big sigh. You have done that since you were born. You still do it. And every day I see you do that, it takes me back to that night at 12:21am when you captured my heart and my life. Georgia Anne, these have been the best 5 years of my life.

Love, Mama!

A recap of the best:


Mama Loves You Sweet Girl! 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last week was so incredibly random. How do you get snow, awesome sun, and tornadoes in one week? First, it snowed 3" on Monday. Snow Day! Yessss!!!! I made the most of it. We probably will not get another this year so I took it while I had the opportunity. Organization, crafting, and photos ensued. Then it went to like 78 degrees by Thursday. Gotta love some NC weather. I was much happier on Thursday than Monday.

Within 4 days it went from this....


To this...

Kefir, spinach, banana, mango smoothie :) mmmmmmmmmmm

All the great weather on Thursday got me even more excited for a weekend getaway. I had a very relaxing weekend with some precious ladies! I needed to sit still and have some renewal of the mind spirit; In order to do so I must escape the Rox or I will being doing something or volunteering to do something. You will not believe that on Saturday I slept until 12:30..... P.M. that is...Can you believe that? I did not even think that was possible after Senior Week 2001. Who knew??? 
This just proves to me how important rest is. I have been super productive this week so far and feeling really energized. Some may blame the Kefir smoothies, I credit the sleep :)

I spent the entire weekend in nite nite leggings, a super long tee, and the occasional hoodie when I went for my causal walk :)


 I will spare you the detail of my facial mask and no makeup for nearly 48 hours. It was amazing.  Here is what I used this weekend on my face. It is one of my favorite products from Merle Norman. Check out Wendy's Merle Norman in Roxboro for your own stash.


Here's a recap of the most random week ever.{weatherwise}

Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Because - It's Me, and It's You

 I haven't blogged in so long that I had to log-in to my Blogger account and then I got the password wrong. That was major. I gotta get it all out.

I have just been busy as a bee here lately, juggling life, family, and all the every day things that come along with it. I have boycotted my blog for the simple fact that I had to say NO to something. It's almost like I'm mad at my blog site. I love it and I crave it, but don't have time for it. Talk about resentment. Kinda how I feel about Diet Coke. I love it, and count on it every morning.... and then I feel bad for drinking it. It is just so DANG delicious.

So, most of this will be in list form and I'm gonna try to make it short cause there are some 500 thread counts calling my name....

When I can't write about my life I am making mental notes about everything I should write about. Then I don't have time. But, then something compels me to just get started and then I can breathe a sigh of relief  that my thoughts, feelings, and favorite things are finally in print again for me to share. So here goes my list of updates, thoughts, and favorite things:

SOUL MATES: The reason I was compelled to write tonight is because I just got off the phone with one of my absolute favorite, most special people in the whole world. I felt like I shouldn't even call her back tonight cause I have been in such funk here lately and maybe I should wait until a happier day. And just hearing her voice, unveiling our lives, venting, laughing, psychoanalyzing our husbands and children and just flat out being ourselves I returned to a state of joy. 

BFF's: There is a reason that God created women in such a magical way. Thank the Lord that I have so many girls in my life that I consider my closest, my BFF's, or something even closer than sisters could be. I love my husband, and God knows I do.. But there is just something about your girl BFFs that your husband just cannot be. Well, mainly because then we could have no discussion of such husbands and unfortunate mishaps. And then we couldn't laugh, and swear, and figure out how we were going to do it different next time, or trick them into doing it again. If we didn't have girlfriends, we couldn't vent about things. Like how we are secretly hoping that men will learn how that toilet paper roll actually works on the holder, and how the seat goes up AND down, or what spatulas are, or that towels go on the rack and not over the shower curtain, or why doesn't he just go to bed instead of laying all over the couch while I'm trying to watch my show? Just go to bed already......!!!!!

All I know is that when I'm with these girls, I breathe them in like fresh oxygen while I can and just hope that the feelings of laughter, and stories shared, and hugs, and tears, and being who we are will not fade fast. That they will carry me through to the days of our next crossing path.

It is you.....that I'm talking to... 
- It's You that texts me pictures of your boots and tights together - for advice,  you who never passes judgment, you who loved me and helped me even when I wasn't being realistic. You who are creative, and resourceful, and inventive. You make my day just by texting me pictures of your boots...I mean after all.... you are Shug in boots :) 

- And It's also you- and how we talk about our babies and how we live too far apart, and how we want to see each other so bad but then just take our usual nap after we relinquish all the secrets and drama of our lives. It's you that makes my creativity unveil, or give me the opportunity to tell you things I know about.  It's you who built our friendship from complete honesty from the very beginning and it has changed my life. It's you that understands who I am (because you are so much of the same). And we look alike. And everyone thinks we are sisters. BoNuS!

It's you- who comes in so handy with your family's vacation home so we can escape reality, play loud music, go walking, take dangerous boating adventures, and sleep in. We can also stalk people on Facebook from a safe distance, watch movies or SATC reruns. We can tell our secrets, be honest, and give each other complete truth. We can learn from each other. We can talk about God's word and what it means to us. It's you that prepared me for life's challenges when our friendship had only first begun. It's you who has an amazing life story to tell.

- It's you that loves to cook, and travel, and teach, and run (and do it all well) 
- it's you who can bake, do some major hair styles, and who loves the beach
- it's you who is a down-home girl with more sisters than I would ever want, and who is so perfectly sweet, and best of all - a lover of all things WOLFPACK! 
- it's you who is my sister in Christ, who is walking along side me and does not judge me. You are what I prayed for when I moved home. We can be honest and laugh about it. I am so thankful that you have come into my life. 

See how blessed I am? I find it hard to split my free time these days. AND there are so many more people that I could list who are so influential in my life. Lately, even the little things make a big difference in my life. I am truly thankful for the steps I've taken in this life to get me this far. I'm looking forward to a blessed weekend with family and friends. 

It's my Mama's Birthday and I can't wait to give her a special surprise! 


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanks Phil

Is it weird that I always send my Daddy a card on Groundhog's day? It's his favorite holiday of the whole year. I think it's because his name is Phil too. For real. And he's a woods man, and he LOVES animals and trees and things. He actually just called to tell me Happy Groundhogs Day as I was typing this. Friday night he plans to celebrate this with the grandchildren and all kinds of groundhog-ish activities. I love my life.

So it looks like we have 6 more weeks of winter on the way according to 

Punxsutawney Phil 

 Grrrrrrr.... you little varmint you. 

 I am so ready for spring and summer. 
And tan lines and beach time. 
And gardening things.
And playing outside. 
And cookouts and get-togethers. 
And buttercups.
And lightning bugs. 
And riding with the windows down. 

Happy Groundhogs Day! 

Me and Papa Phil

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Waitin' on Wednesday

Remember when I said that I wanted one of my "making-life-better" plans was to watch more TV? Well, a sista is well on her way to being straight up addicted to this here show: 
Oh my word. I just started watching it a couple weeks ago and I had to get caught up on it immediately. Thank you Hulu Plus and TV on Demand. Now, I am just waitin' on Wednesday to come for my daily fix. DANG it!!!!!!! I can't wait.

I used to think that I would never find a show that I loved as much as Grey's....BUT, I haven't watched TV in like 3 years apparently because I am 3 seasons behind on Grey's. 

Well, I take that 3 years back - I do LOVE The Good Wife thanks to my lady friends at the office.

Does anyone see a pattern here in these 3 shows????? - can we say DRAMA?????? 

Here is what always happens to me- I never watch a show from the beginning. Someone always has to get me hooked on it and then I watch every single episode until I am caught up to what is coming on TV. Then I'm in withdrawal until the next episode. Huge Problem! I am not patient. I should start watching the whole season at one time once it has gone off the air. Spare me the patient weekly waiting. 

And speaking of TV. Let's talk about reasons I HATE American Idol. I know y'all. Am I without heart or brain? What a complete waste of good screen time when that blasted show is on.

1. That show is so staged for the dramaticals. I only watched it because Sean Austin wasted space on the DVR for it and we just happened to both be in the living room when he decided to watch it.
2. Remember Ms. 62919???  Oh the shame. 


3. Why keep putting these poor fools on television???

Seriously? Fast Forward PLEASE! 

4. Showing your true character is Key...
I swear that girl could quite possibly be from the Rox....or surrounding areas. 

Only 2 good things came from American Idol - Carrie and Scotty  - Need I spare my DVR any more hate crimes by continuing to let Sean Austin record the series?

Friday, January 27, 2012

What's all the FUZZ about????

 Here on the Rox it is mid-winter. Well kinda. It is also FRIDAY {insert insanely large cheer}.

But seriously, is it early spring or what? Hello mid-sixty-degree  weather.  If you count all those butter cups popping up (which is a huge concern for me right now considering at my wedding reception they ALL stole the show in the SPRING). Will they come back if winter really gets to be winter here? I mean are we coming to the end of the world or what? We will have 70 degrees, then 27, then 65, then 38... I just don't get it.  Doesn't it say something in Revelation about the seasons not changing anymore, and so on and so on...(note to self, must study Revelation)?????

Anywho, my main concern for this post is a bit of Fashionista "How-To" advice for some staple items of your winter wardrobe. You know how mid-winter your fave sweater or coat starts looking like this........???????


All knotty and fuzz ball-ish??

Well this lovely lady I spent the afternoon with last Saturday..... reminded me of a little trick that my mama taught me about taking care of the mid-winter sweater blues. She had the most delicious teal cable-knit sweater on (which was the perfect color for her complexion by the way) BUT it had some serious fuzziness and lint ball problem. Then, I magically remembered how my mama once showed me how to fix this.

Here is what you need:


Run the cheapo razor lightly against the sweater in a downward or upward motion. NEVER left to right. This will remove lint balls and that extra "fuzz" that comes from wear and re-wear on your favorite sweater. And it's way better than those sticky lint rollers- and cheap!

You are welcome fashionistas! 
 (And yes! I am so "pinning" this!)

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If you have lived in Roxboro or any surrounding counties, you at some point in your life have probably eaten some Brunswick Stew. And people are down right serious about how it is done. If you are from up North (ya'll do it different I hear), or just moved here, I am so sorry. You just may not understand. 

Churches around here are famous for stews and the absolute best in the county is hands down, Mt. Zion!!!!! Seriously, it is perfectly proportioned for all ingredients and it just makes my mouth water thinking about it. Whenever, we get stew from Mt. Zion UMC in Hurdle Mills, I won't eat anything that day until we go pick it up. I like to work myself up for it. BUT, I missed the boat last time they made one and I forgot to go pick it up. BIG MISTAKE!
 Even though Mt. Zion UMC is my favorite, it is also perfectly acceptable to consume some Austin family stew. Just another perk to marrying my hubby (most of them can cook!)

Having "a stew" or "doing a stew" or "cooking a stew" can be tradition in some families or simply a good time of friends and fellowship. Once the word gets out, you will have some visitors when it's ready to eat!
So, right now the Austin houses are plum out of this famous winter staple. So, what better weekend than to cook a stew? It was cold, wet, and down-right STEWpendous weather for breaking out the stew pot. 

I consider myself a connoisseur of such stew concoctions and I am here to tell about it. I LOVE sugar in mine...and salt and extra black pepper. Pair it up with a grilled cheese or saltine crackers and you have got one banging good meal. It's perfect to pull out for last-minute company and even better for cold, rainy days! This weekend was super-fun-filled with plenty of In-laws, hearty ingredients, and kissing on babies. What could be better than family togetherness time and a bowl of hot steamy stew????  Not much.  

Here is my photographic journal of how it went down:


The In-Laws - makin' the magic happen!
GA - overseeing the operations


The stew pot: This pot actually belonged to Sean's great grandfather who purchased the stew pot for 50 cent off a train wrecked railroad car. It had a 6 inch crack in it due to the train wreck in which his grandfather repaired. Now, we cook a stew in it every year!


My daddy even came over to help stir.

GA did it the best! Such a good helper! 

Here are a couple other photos from the weekend that I love!

I can't believe my girl is getting so big and absolutely beautiful!

If you want to make a stew, here is my favorite recipe! (differs slightly from the one we just cooked) -

What you need: 
#40 size pot (approx. 30 gallons)
8 lb. choice stew beef (cook in lots of water and save the broth)
3 Large hens (save broth, debone, & throw away skins)
10 lbs. potatoes diced
1 gallon white corn (straight from the garden is best!) 
9 lbs. onions, diced
1 gal. frozen or canned green lima beans
4 lb. dried baby lima beans (soaked and cooked)
6 gal. tomatoes (we used crushed and 1 can paste)
6 lb. margarine
3 lb. sugar
black pepper and salt, to taste
4 red pepper pods

- Begin with frozen lima beans and potatoes in chicken and beef broth. Cook in black pot until done. Add chopped onions. Cook a few minutes, stirring. Next, add margarine and other ingredients, stirring constantly. After adding corn and dried beans, it will stick easily. If necessary, add additional water at beginning along with broth. Season with sugar, salt, and pepper. 3 hours total cooking.

Get ready for lots of work and some good family togetherness!