Friday, January 27, 2012

What's all the FUZZ about????

 Here on the Rox it is mid-winter. Well kinda. It is also FRIDAY {insert insanely large cheer}.

But seriously, is it early spring or what? Hello mid-sixty-degree  weather.  If you count all those butter cups popping up (which is a huge concern for me right now considering at my wedding reception they ALL stole the show in the SPRING). Will they come back if winter really gets to be winter here? I mean are we coming to the end of the world or what? We will have 70 degrees, then 27, then 65, then 38... I just don't get it.  Doesn't it say something in Revelation about the seasons not changing anymore, and so on and so on...(note to self, must study Revelation)?????

Anywho, my main concern for this post is a bit of Fashionista "How-To" advice for some staple items of your winter wardrobe. You know how mid-winter your fave sweater or coat starts looking like this........???????


All knotty and fuzz ball-ish??

Well this lovely lady I spent the afternoon with last Saturday..... reminded me of a little trick that my mama taught me about taking care of the mid-winter sweater blues. She had the most delicious teal cable-knit sweater on (which was the perfect color for her complexion by the way) BUT it had some serious fuzziness and lint ball problem. Then, I magically remembered how my mama once showed me how to fix this.

Here is what you need:


Run the cheapo razor lightly against the sweater in a downward or upward motion. NEVER left to right. This will remove lint balls and that extra "fuzz" that comes from wear and re-wear on your favorite sweater. And it's way better than those sticky lint rollers- and cheap!

You are welcome fashionistas! 
 (And yes! I am so "pinning" this!)

Have a great weekend! 

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