Sunday, January 1, 2012

ReSoLuTiOn - who?

Life altering resolutions are NOT for me. I am NOT a consistent person. Resolutions and promises are rarely kept and rarely are they sincere. I don't really believe in I'm sorry's, or a "do-over" for mistakes. Chances are it's gonna happen again. Just pick up and move forward. This is such a bad quality. I  know this (to all of you passing judgment and psychoanalyzing me). Admitting is the first step right???? It is entirely too stressful to commit yourself to something for an entire year. As with most of my projects, I lose steam half-way through anyway. However, here is what I plan to do in order to make my life better in 2012:

Read More Books and Magazines: I really want to do more than look at the pictures and spread them out nicely on my coffee table. Books are also spread throughout my house in nice piles and I keep imagining myslef coming home at night curling up with a good book...yeah right.

Craft Inexpensively - I want to use more reusable or recycled materials when I'm crafting and I am going to try more of all those "pins" and "likes" on pinterest!

{3} Learn to take the time to actually watch television. Random I know. I watch about 1/2 an hour to 0 hours of television per week. Not even kidding. I am always busy on some project, or gone somewhere, or just focusing on cleaning or organizing something that never gets finished anyway. I want more time to rest. To enjoy actually sitting and doing absolutely nothing. Is there anyone out there who watches less TV than I do? I think not.

{4} Garden Planning - I want to plan more for my garden to make the most from my space and resources. I also want to plant more variety. Gardening gives me such peace of mind and joy. But right now there are some major winter weeds taking over. I just picked the last of my brocolli today and started pulling weeds...Just look what I found chilling amongst the pile of weeds....

{5} Take a time out for a better daily devotional - not just the email kind. I also want to keep a gratitude list that is a daily reminder of all my blessings and how lucky I am. I am stealing this from the Best Boss Ever (who shared an old devotional with me in which she had done the same). I know God has great things in store for the Austin family this year!

{6} Yea more vegetables and exercise. I'm gonna go with ZUMBA once a week. How's that?

What are your "making-life-better" plans? 

PS. Can't wait to share what I got into @ Daddy's today - NC Stizzle fans will LOVE! Promise! 
Until next time, XOXO

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  1. Love your plans Amber! And I look forward to reading all about them =) My make life better plan - to get my social run club for women started and try to write every day. We shall see....

    Happy 2012!


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