Friday, December 30, 2011

Can somebody please pass the Holiday Cheer????

Can someone please pass the Holiday Cheer?  Don't lose that Christmas spark! Not yet anyways....Let me just serve you up a little Holiday Cheer via The Austin house! This is a collection of my favorite Christmas decor and Christmas traditions. I know it's a little late but hey, the Stizzle had a bowl game to win!
Anywho, I couldn't wait to share a bit of my Christmas!
These are a few of my favorite {Christmas} things:
(which have disappeared back into storage so I can reclaim my house and breath from the  claustrophobia):

 - I replace pictures throughout the house at Christmas. It's impossible to keep everything up all year long and I always get excited to see them when I pull them from storage. 

I also LOVE old ornaments - most of these were mine or Sean's when we were little ....awwwwwww 
My mama gave us an ornament every year so that when we left home we would have our own. Sean's granny also gave him one and wrote the year on the back! We also had an ornament that was just alike with our names - Fate...don't you think? 

The third one my dear friend Alisha made with our wedding invitation cut into swirls on the inside. Isn't that just precious?  Thank you Alisha and Pinterest!

Last but not least, here are a few of my fave Christmas shots! It was a great Christmas weekend, spending time with family and friends. Hope you had a great one too!

Roasting hot-dogs and Marshmallows in the fireplace at Daddy's - hey, it's tradition.

Next year, complete vintage decor, etc. for the entire house.... It's on!

Happy New Year if I don't get checked back in before! 

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  1. Peach? :) are his hands magnetic? I don't have an EOTS. :(


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