Monday, December 19, 2011

The last of the 20's

Is 30 the new 20? Is it really? That's what everyone keeps saying as I turned 29 on Tuesday last week. All I gotta say is,
(hey, it's better than the alternative anyway)

 Lets hope by next year that the saying is still true! I am going to do something fab when I turn 30. Any ideas? I am the first of all my besties to turn 30. I say RoAd TrIp ladies!!!!

 I haven't even been 29 for a week yet and I have had mega hip pain this week, a twisted ankle, and I am trying to come to grips with the fact that my doctor says that these are ma' probalem....
remember these????
I have to find a compromise over Christmas. I went to one store today to search for NOT.old. and I came up with 2 inter-shoe-departments: HOT! or GRANDMA! Where is the middle ground people?

I had such a fabulous B-day (week) !!!!! Intercepting Birthday calls and 135+ Facey messages made it so special! I also got to spend some time with many of my faves and receive some VERY thoughtful and fun gifts!!!!
 Royal Treatment: I Began celebrating by taking my baby, my mama, and my MIL to Disney Princess on Ice. I still do not know who had more fun of the four of us. It always comes to RBC right before my Birthday and I've always wanted to go.  This was on! Thank you Sean Austin :)

This is why I love parenting - joy on your child's face is priceless!!! What is NOT priceless is paying $12 for a snowcone in a Tiana cup. But Hey, we are princesses right?

Completely magical. 
Check out the B-day goods:
magical candelabras 

love me some cards - I always save them!

LOVE LOVE LOVE - circa 1991 - Rmember PBS television on channel 4???? anyone??? It even smells vintage and it has some stories about the advent, the nativity, and so forth that I have been reading to GA when we do her advent calendar at night. 

get ready for canning season y'all!

THE HELP movie - so freaking excited and new leopard rainboots - don't be a hater, I love me some rain boots. AND some nice vino, notecard, and soap collections - All my favorite things!
  I ALWAYS have dinner at my mama's for my B-day- STANDARD! 
Daddy ALWAYS takes me to lunch. 
Memaw and Tracie always call and sing to me. 
Jenn and D' always call and sing to me ;)

And it just so happens that the annual Christmas dinner and photoshoot with some of my best ladies commences that week every year! Cropping of said photos was indeed necessary....

And since my birthday is in December, I get the pleasure of celebrating it throughout the month of December, while doing many of my favorite things: spending time with family and friends, the Christmas PARADE (I am a HUGE fan!), and food! Can I get an AMEN????? Thank you!!!!Christmas parade in true Rox fashion is coming up. Stay TUNED!

Continue to share the love - It's CHRISTmas y'all!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Not that anyone cares what I think, but 30 IS the new 20! Who the hell wants to be 20 again? (Excuse my french, but let's be serious! 20 was college crazy busy with NO. FUN. 30-or near there- you're more established and comfortable in life. (HA! Aspirations, I assume.) Anyway, I dig the boots and your friends! I think I could totally hang with them!
    Anyway, hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas!


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