Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Rox Does Main Street

Ever since I was a little girls I have LOVED the parades. From the days of riding with Smokey when I was younger, to dance studio performance, cheerleading for PHS, and not to forget Jr. Miss, I have always loved being in parades. ESPECIALLY the Christmas parade! In case you have not gotten this by now...I LOVE me some Christmas. Hey, I get it from my mama. 

Well, when GA was born, I made it perfectly clear that she would in fact LOVE parades too. This may quite possibly be my first parenting success documentation. GA LOVES the parades too! 

This year, we didn't just was her first parade participation (with mommy of course!) - Back on the float with Smokey in more than 15-18 years (trying not to reveal any ages), there I was with my baby; handing out candy, waving, freezing, and getting my Christmas spirit on. I really thought that I would miss watching the parade and seeing GA's excitement. HOWEVER, participating is so much better!

She thought it was soooooo cool to throw candy out to her friends (while she ate her weight in it too), and to wave at complete strangers.   Pageant material?????   I think yes.

Stellar waving skills lesson in progress....

I so enjoyed spending that time with her. All of Roxboro was out. The largest crowds I've seen in years. EVERYONE was happy....smiles all around (and a few Pall Mall's here and there and koozies with beverage cans of a questionable nature.) 

Much to my disappointment we did not make the front page of the Courier Times in the parade section. Oh well , there is always next year! Here is a somewhat lengthy recap in parade photography anyway :) - You gotta see what it is really like here On the Rox - 

We let our children get dirty - 
Future construction worker or pageant professional?
 We <3 Bojangles and friends from back-in-the-day.
lovely ladies from Jaycee's - and longtime friends of mine from PHS and middle school!
Some people abandon their horse drawn carriages to socialize-

We support our parents!

We force our children to smile for numerous photos.
Kayla & Kelbie with GA
 We love our babies!

We will ride anything with wheels in order to be in the parade....

This is what "shootin' the breeze" looks like..... They (fire departments and such) also call my daddy "Booty" - weird.
Additional photo resources for your enjoyment :

Merry CHRISTmas Y'all!

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