Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Support the locals!

For people who love to shop local, I'm with ya.... Although the Rox has a somewhat limited (ie..no Target, no mall, no Belk, etc.) selection for shopping adventures, there are several that are well worth the shopportunity!

Here are some local shopping venues / ideas - which may or may not be included as my actual Christmas list-
(ugh hem...pay attention Sean Austin). 

Idea #1:Wendy's Merle Norman - N. Main Street
Gift Certificate: Who doesn't need beauty supplies all year round? I do! Also, here is my recent favorite purchase.

I LOVE this train case. My Memaw always kept her make-up in this hot pink train case (proabably circa 1940's) - in our day would be known as a Caboodle? (spelling...IDK?)  I always loved going in her makeup and playing with her foundation and all her powders. She always had a TON - must run in the family! 

Anywho, visit Wendy's Merle Norman locally, or your nearest Merle Norman for this sweet deal. (The eye colors and the dual lip pencil are my fave! It also comes with 2 travel cosmetic bags (the patent is in my purse right this second!)
Stop #2: The Bootery - Madison Blvd.
Who doesn't love/ needs shoes? This is an actual need. I need some black, chunky shoes that are comfy for work, and can go with dress pants and jeans, with a some minimal amount of cuteness. Luckily my old friend Max has the inside scoop for all footwear fashion at The Bootery.

-he knows about shoes - (Kimberly is one lucky girl!)- since his family has owned it for like a heck of a lotta years now- (since 1953 to be exact) - I love a local family business! Find out more information about their store here.

I have my eye on these two:

comfy and cute! I also think they will give me just the right amount of height for all my fave jeans!I tried these on in there one day and you would not believe the arch support. I now know that is what I am lacking in footwear needs.

Just sayin'- in case we hits da' lottery - I could use another pair ;)
IDEA # 3: Big Daddy's Auto Detail ;  Say-  What???? - @ your service!

Today I got my car cleaned inside and out + waxed for $40. - What a steal right? Especially for my car. Big daddy probably thought he shoulda charged this mama more- but, I am 1 happy lady! (No more snacks for GA in the car and I ain't going to Daddy's on the dirt road in this baby for a while).  It was long overdue for a thorough cleaning- This would be a great gift idea for men or women - or if you just wanted to do something nice for someone. There are other great places in town too, but I think Big Daddy has a great price right now, especially for a wax!
nice and shiny!- had to crop photo - y'all know how that goes.

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