Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Oh Snap!" Look what I found...

First of all, I haven't said "Oh, Snap!" in like 8 years at least. Second of all, it was a phrase worthy of being dusted off.

Just look at all the goods I found at Daddy's over the New Years Weekend!  I promised you in this post that I would share. NC Stizzle fans get yo'selves jealous cause boy did Phillip (Daddy) hook a sister up! I was so excited, I had to send immediate 411 to my dearest friend over at Shug in Boots who also LoVeS the Stizzle.

These photos were taken from my new phone which was quite a struggle for me to figure out. Don't judge! 

Now for the Goods: 
Vintage Stizzle playing cards:  
 Check out these Stellar PACK Alums: 
I am so loving the "ACC Champs" - fingers crossed for 2012!

He got game....


I'm loving the plaid sport coat - It is probably red and white ;) Sidney Lowe- eat your heart out shug.

NCSU yearbooks circa 1937, 1938, 1940, 1941 -
 The "Agromeck" - See the Belltower??? - Completely Magical

NCSU Songbook complete with vintage RED records (the complete set of 4)- Anyone have a record player I can borrow?

And amongst all of that I found my grandmas "date permit" from her nursing school. Apparently you had to get a permit to go out on a date. I must enforce this when the time comes for GA.  
She was due at 11:00pm. - Notice she didn't return????  Such a rebel. ....See???? I get it honest.......
  There is much more to come but I gots to dive into to daddy's closet. 
I'm hoping for vintage NCSU tee...oh yea!

And may I just say that in the spirit of THE PACK, that the News&Observer FINALLY got something right (and it was laying in our driveway for FREE...they are such a tease...Remember "DEAR TOBY"?????  here is a recap!
Ol' Roy looking some kind of rough? Agreed?

  So long Tarholes! (for this weekend anyway) .... 

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVING those playing cards and your grandma's DATE PERMIT!?!? Omg!!!!!!!!! xoxo


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