Thursday, January 19, 2012

It makes me heart smile!

MUSIC makes my heart smile (and the workday much more bearable). I have this one blogger friend who steals my heart with her playlist choices.  I sometimes pull up her blog at work and just leave it rolling all day so I can hear her tunes.  She just put up some new songs over the last week or so and I listened to them all last week. Lindsey, what was the playlist you had up before this newest one???? I loved it too! I think it was some Jesus Culture too?

I HAD to figure out how to make a playlist so I could share my recent listening tunes too. If you want some Jesus-loving, spirit-filled, heart-warming, worship tunes (and a little HOT country too) then just hit play. This is what I'm listening to lately. Music speaks to my soul!!! I can relate to music on so many levels. I listen to contemporary Christian and COUNTRY  the most. I love some down-home country music.  BUT, I love just about all music from old school rap (none of that new stuff the kids are listening to these days) to bluegrass, and so on. That is why this playlist is a lot of Jesus and a few country boys and girls in between. My Ipod is such a random collaboration of music but hey, random is my story and I'm sticking to it! The fact that I have successfully posted this with such ease is a complete accomplishment. Hit play and enjoy your workday!!!!

What are your fave songs at the moment?

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  1. aHHH! I got up this morning and thought, hmmmm...I haven't been on blogger in a
    This just happened to be one of the first on my "reader"! What are the chances?? I wish I could remember what I had before. I honestly, cannot. It was definitely Jesus Culture or Kim Walker-Smith. I jam her a lot! I, too, LOVE me some country boys! Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean are my favies at this particular time! Your playlist is awesome! I guess I should take more than 2 seconds and complete mine. You are too sweet! Just made my Friday!

    Hope yours is pure bliss!

    1. Yay! Thanks for the info! Have a great weekend!

  2. you should keep it on your blog & have it play automatically to great us as we come to your blog!


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