Monday, January 16, 2012

My L.o.t. Rox update:

I mainly started blogging last year so that I could whine about all the things that got on my nerves about living in Roxboro.  Blogging was a good try for me because it was FREE and I couldn't really afford a therapist. Trust me, not much has changed - well, except for the fact that I probably still need a therapist. 
Let's discuss...

Here are all the things that I have discovered will always get on my nerves/pet peeves:

1) Wake up phone calls -  some people have learned that you shouldn't wake me up - no matter what the circumstances are. Some people are yet to figure this out.The only person I really let slide is my Mama cause I always love to chat with her in the mornings (and you can't get feisty with yo' Mama even if it is before 8am).

2) the Wal-Mart factor - know that it is impossible to go to the Wal-mart without seeing someone you know. I have quite honestly started skimming the parking lot for cars of those whom I wish NOT to run into. Here is what I have discovered are the best times to go to the Wal-mart to avoid said run-ins:  Tuesday nights after 6:00, Wednesday nights after 7:00 (a lot of people are at church), and Sunday mornings before 9am. You are Welcome :) If you absolutely have to go there, be aware of your surroundings. I pretend not to see people all the time. That is SO bad I know. But some days you just don't feel like 'catching up' while your child plays games on your cell, and people are staring at you like get-out-of-the-way. I hate it when people stop mid-aisle for a reunion. Which always begins with, "how's your Mama?"

3) Why is the frazlin' McDonalds drive-thru line always backed up into the road? I mean how hard should it be for a girl to get a McCafe Caramel Mocha Skinny Latte on demand? I totally miss the Micki-D's at the top of the Hill at the King Bee. And the one in the Wal-Mart does not count....(see # 2) Y'all feel me? ...And speaking of things I miss... remember when Wendy's had a salad / hot bar? DANG I miss those days. This is where I learned of my love for spiral pasta and tomato sauce. AND I miss the Sonic. Who really shops at Rite-Aid anyway??? I am a CVS girl. I would much rather have the Sonic back and hit up a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade instead of a Px refill.... Who is with me????

 I know that these things are minor but it would make life more bearable if they could maybe open a Target (to split the Wal-mart crowd and bring on the quality goods), and get another McDonalds, and bring back the Sonic. I am talking quality of life here for the Rox. If you are not from the Rox, be daggone thankful if you can reach a target in a 10-15 mile radius.

BUT, here is what I wouldn't change for nothin' - 

1. Being near my family. (however dysfunctional we may be ;) 

2. Making new friends and growing close to the old ones. I LOVE my Raleigh girls a ton and I MISS them EVERY day, I think of them EVERY day, I PRAY for them still,  but God has blessed me with some extremely wonderful friends since I have moved back home. They make life dreamy and the best part is that they are all my sisters in Christ. Sean handpicked out one for me last year when we were engaged and he said that he thought we would grow to be good friends one day. I told him he was crazy and now I just love her to death. See how God works? And I love me some Sean Austin for encouraging me to do so! I was so frustrated when I first moved home. I couldn't get my hands on my friends enough because they were all so far away. I felt like I was left out of everything here.  Even at some family gatherings, I am sometimes the "outsider" but I have learned that it is OK.  And even some friends BECAME family. God has also blessed me with one incredible friend at church which was an answered prayer for me. Now I find myslef having trouble splitting my time. What a blessing! 

3. Being married to a crazy, funny, handsome, and DRIVE-ME-CRAZY man! I KNOW I drive him twice as crazy! Oh what a year it has almost been. I wouldn't change it for nothin!!!!! We are definitely a unique couple and what we have works for US! We have so much more learnin' to do but we are well on our way. What we have is OURS and nobody can ever take that away. Georgia Anne keeps us laughing all the time. Tonight we all 3 laughed at the table during dinner over something crazy and I thought it was such a cliche but it was just like sitting and watching it in a movie. There we are cracking up at the simplest things, and our life is just revolving around us and we don't even notice. We just roll through our days and take it as it comes. 

So.... all in all, the Rox has sucked me in Y'all. .
Literally, I'm stuck here.
Who could leave all this?


  1. I don't even remember a Sonic. WHY would they get rid of Sonic for Rite Aid? And, I TOTALLY DO remember the hot bar/salad bar at Wendy's!!! Know what else about Wendy's? They used to give packets of sour cream with their chili and now they don't. SUUUUUUCKS. Let's just take over everything and start runnin s***.

  2. I remember Sonic! When we first moved here, there was one, but it shut down too. Luckily, there's one not too far away. There's good & bad with living in small towns, just like big cities. I hate not having Target in town. I wish Chick-fil-a was closer & I would KILL to be able to eat at Mimi's Cafe again (well, maybe not kill, but I would shoot someone in the foot). However, I don't have to deal with the crime or the traffic that became a Pain.In.The.Neck. in Atlanta. I hated trying to go to the other side of town & it taking over an hour. I feel ya though! I know I'll feel the same exact way if we end up there later this year.


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