Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Waitin' on Wednesday

Remember when I said that I wanted one of my "making-life-better" plans was to watch more TV? Well, a sista is well on her way to being straight up addicted to this here show: 
Oh my word. I just started watching it a couple weeks ago and I had to get caught up on it immediately. Thank you Hulu Plus and TV on Demand. Now, I am just waitin' on Wednesday to come for my daily fix. DANG it!!!!!!! I can't wait.

I used to think that I would never find a show that I loved as much as Grey's....BUT, I haven't watched TV in like 3 years apparently because I am 3 seasons behind on Grey's. 

Well, I take that 3 years back - I do LOVE The Good Wife thanks to my lady friends at the office.

Does anyone see a pattern here in these 3 shows????? - can we say DRAMA?????? 

Here is what always happens to me- I never watch a show from the beginning. Someone always has to get me hooked on it and then I watch every single episode until I am caught up to what is coming on TV. Then I'm in withdrawal until the next episode. Huge Problem! I am not patient. I should start watching the whole season at one time once it has gone off the air. Spare me the patient weekly waiting. 

And speaking of TV. Let's talk about reasons I HATE American Idol. I know y'all. Am I without heart or brain? What a complete waste of good screen time when that blasted show is on.

1. That show is so staged for the dramaticals. I only watched it because Sean Austin wasted space on the DVR for it and we just happened to both be in the living room when he decided to watch it.
2. Remember Ms. 62919???  Oh the shame. 


3. Why keep putting these poor fools on television???

Seriously? Fast Forward PLEASE! 

4. Showing your true character is Key...
I swear that girl could quite possibly be from the Rox....or surrounding areas. 

Only 2 good things came from American Idol - Carrie and Scotty  - Need I spare my DVR any more hate crimes by continuing to let Sean Austin record the series?


  1. I HATTTTTTTE American Idol toooo! stab. Real life is stressful/embarrassing/annoying enough ... why add to it by choosing to watch it on TV?

  2. I've never watched a full season of AI. I don't think I've missed much. I'm addicted to Revenge as well!


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