Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanks Phil

Is it weird that I always send my Daddy a card on Groundhog's day? It's his favorite holiday of the whole year. I think it's because his name is Phil too. For real. And he's a woods man, and he LOVES animals and trees and things. He actually just called to tell me Happy Groundhogs Day as I was typing this. Friday night he plans to celebrate this with the grandchildren and all kinds of groundhog-ish activities. I love my life.

So it looks like we have 6 more weeks of winter on the way according to 

Punxsutawney Phil 

 Grrrrrrr.... you little varmint you. 

 I am so ready for spring and summer. 
And tan lines and beach time. 
And gardening things.
And playing outside. 
And cookouts and get-togethers. 
And buttercups.
And lightning bugs. 
And riding with the windows down. 

Happy Groundhogs Day! 

Me and Papa Phil

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