Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I forgot to tell you....Plus, my most dangerous day at work EVER

These are random things I have been forgetting to tell you, PLUS the most dangerous day at work EVER happened today. 

First major forgetful moment: 
I cannot even believe I forgot to tell you this. Before the reunion last week I had to make a Mega-fast dash to the Merle Norman on Friday for some touch-up material to my face....And guess what? DING DING DING! Promotion time!!!! Look at what a girl lucked up with.....
Mega cute accessory bag complete with new beauty essentials! CHECK!!!! And all my must-haves fit so nicely inside. It actually fits my bronzer brush and my bump-it tool (which never happens)...BONUS! Plus, I used as a mini-clutch/purse on Saturday night :)

Side Notes:
I love all things gold in accessory land. I am such a traditionalist when it comes to jewelry too. I am convinced that gold will make a major comeback in my 30's. It is already underway... I have a rule that gold should only be found on your body or in your wallet. It is not necessary to adorn your home with gold fixtures. If you have an older home like we do, we are slowly transitioning them out since we remodeled our kitchen. Gold...on your body!!! My diamond and wedding bands are set in gold and so is my Meredith bling. My favorite shoes of all time are also gold which is why I have 2 pair exactly the same.
 And those 2 pairs have a cousin which I wore on Saturday to the reunion. :)
Moving on.....Here is what I also retrieved from this little diva-of-a-bag since purchase.....More essentials in lovely trial size form.... :)
1. Ultra Powder Foundation in a mini compact. Perfect size to keep in your pocket or in your emergency car or office stash.
2. Powder Blush in Soft Mocha.
3. Creme Eyeshadow which is AMAZING! Wore this Sat. night and it was the perfect compliment to my gold/bronze dress. A must have for fall brown tones!!! It went on so easy and it was soft like the powder form. Color is Cream Puff. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! 
4. Foundation Primer--- Ohhhh I sooooooo needs this!

You must go see Wendy at Wendy's Merle Norman in the Rox.....Before it's too late and all the promotions are gone!

Second Forgetfulness:
I also forgot to tell you that another one of my favorite moments at the reunion was Justin Rogers doin' the just found....

I am a recent coupon executive. Loving the coupons coming up in my emails here lately. Today, I got 2 boxes of Crystal-Light-ish sugar free beverage stuff for the office, 1 Milky way Bar (for ma man), and 1 box of CVS bandaids for  a grand total of $1.47.  Use your CVS card people! Why not? I got some free stuff today just for swiping my card on the little machine when you walk in. I am going to start coupon blogging more. I must share the details of my money saving rendezvous.

Final Story for the day:
Today I was out traveling visiting little sweetie pies and making sure they are eatin' healthy and all and clearly I had a scary experience. I came around the corner to the back door of a home and got greeted with this....
Don't worry, I informed the provider of my intentions with this photo :)

When they saw me coming, they stuck their gun barrels out around the corner. Oh how I love my job. No, I really do. Children are so innocent and so FUNNY! They also walked me out to my car in the same fashion! I smiled the rest of the afternoon!

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  1. Love this! Especially the twins and cousin! I have done that with my bronze sandals!!!


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