Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If you don't have one of these Make your OWN!

This is just a little quickie until I can get a blog in maybe tonight or tomorrow! It's a little inspirational, heart felt, and thankful bit of randomness I'm feeling today!

First of all, major fun weekend with the fam at the beach. Just got back last night! I've been longing for a trip to the beach with my Mama for some time now. It has been years since we have been there at the same time. I think it was when GA was an infant. It was New Year's weekend back in 2007-2008. Before that is was probably the year after I graduated high school with the whole Davis family! So, long enough for sure and it was a trip that was OVER-DUE for sho'! 

Here is what I'm thankful for and what you need if you don't have one: 

A Jesus-loving family!!!! 

I am so completely very thankful to have been raised in a Christian home. Now more than ever I look back on all the things that have happened in my life. Divorce, tragedies of friends and family lost, single-parenthood, and everyday life lessons that would have been so much harder had I not had a relationship with Lord. As a child, I can remember my family at church every time the doors were open and no matter how late I stayed out on Saturday nights as a teenager, it was never too late to miss church on Sunday morning. I am so thankful for that now!

This weekend I was reminded of the magical feeling that family time brings. It's getting me real excited for Labor Day weekend with my family and for HoLiDaYs! 

The smallest things can mean a lot: Praying with your family, saying the blessing and feeling truly thankful and humble for what the Lord has done for all of us! I took my uncle a sandwich out on the beach on Sunday and he bowed his head to pray. What a true testament to me of our families faith and thankfulness to the Lord. Many times, I overlook or don't even think about that simple routine of saying the blessing especially when it's not at the supper table with my family. What a wonderful example for me and GA as well. I am 28 and still learning from my family member's examples! And....Being able to share your heart with a wonderful Aunt who you know prays for you and who sets a wonderful example for her husband and children (and nieces too) is an awesome feeling!I also have been blessed with Jesus-loving in-laws which makes it 100 X better to be able to share that joy with your husband and his family!

Thank you to my family for a fun weekend and for filling me up with thankfulness! If you don't have one of these families yet, you may one day.  Make your OWN with the family you have or prepare yourself for one at some point.  Grow your children up in the Lord and reflect on what the Lord has done for you and yours! Your children will reap the benefits! I know I did! 

Coming up this week unless I get inspired elsewhere: 
- more coupon adventures for me! (and they were really really good this time-almost too good.) PLUS best beach trip purchase EVER! 
- Fall gardening 
Y'all take care until a little later this week! 
XOXO, Amber

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  1. LOVING the new header! wink wink

    And I LOVE this post!! I feel the SAME WAY about my fam...what lucky gals we are! <3

    Steph B


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