Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get your Reunion on Y’all…….

Oh yea! 2001! It's on! Aug 13th, 2011 ~ Let's Celebrate!
now that is more like it!
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than planning a shin-dig. Sometimes I think I am such a loser for getting all giddy about some super-fab event in which I will have way more fun than anyone else. Mainly, I can get along with just about anyone and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing people I haven’t seen in forever. I can envision just about every detail of the whole shebang (Beginning with another dress in my closet, and heels and mega cute accessories). Next, I lay awake at night envisioning how the whole process will play out.
Lemme just say that I am so excited about life’s next big social highlight.  Ten Year Class Reunion people! I cannot even believe it has been 10 years since we walked down those stadium stairs (trying not to fall ‘cause our heels were way on up there) and we stepped out onto that field. Proud parents and family standing by...watching… as we gathered with those in which we share the 2001 insignia. Remember the gray metal chairs, the crisp blue robes with collars more than likely put on wrong, tassels swinging, and the paparazzi of flashes as those last memories of PHS were frozen in time (probably 35mm since digital was just coming in,…dang! Remember film?) 
Y’all can’t say you are not excited. We all graduated ON THE ROX. It was our planet at the time. Even if you moved away, you still can’t escape the stamp of 2001 on your soul. Radios up way too loud (more on that..), skipping 3rd lunch to hit up the Bojangles, or hittin’ up Bowmantown bridge for the next idiot to jump off. Been there. Done that..Got grounded.  Please somebody say that I ain’t alone!After ten years, I have a better understanding about what it means to graduate from PHS. Raise your hand if you have been to the grocery and thought, “You know what… they need to turn that radio down…” as some 16-year-old rattles your shopping cart with their 12 inch speakers in the back. Hello!!!!! When did this happen to me? I USED to be that girl! I actually had 12 inch speakers which I thought I would have forever. Now, all I’ve got in the back is some junk in my trunk (take it any way you please), a stroller, a car seat, and probably a sippy cup. I love my priorities now! Other times (especially with summer upon us), I think to myself, “I know her mama does not know she is wearing that.” My mama would rip me a new one for sho! I am ten years past being that girl (thank goodness). The one who is now grown up and saying, “If I knew then what I know now….” With graduation upon us for Roxboro’s seniors, I think about that phrase. So….if I knew then what I know now……. 
  • I would say I am sorry more often…to my mama!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would want all my friends to know Christ as their savior!  
  • I would make everyone feel more welcome in “my crew” …furthermore, there would be no crew ...we are ALL “the crew” 2001! 
  • I would tell more people that I love them (especially Cassie Cash and Beth Ann Barnette…I   just had one hour with each one!!!!!!)
  •  I would make a new friend every day and invite them to our lunch table
  • I would not date ANYONE….enjoy the freedom while it lasts (especially through Senior Week...oh heck yeah! and college!) 
  • I would only go to the prom twice. Four times is a waste even if you do feel so cool your freshman year… it ain’t all that. 
  • I would actually eat at lunch instead of trying not to. It ain’t worth it. Although, ohhhhhh to be that size again! (I might take that off the list another day). 
  •  I would buy clothes from vintage stores and set new trends. My mama would have been so proud who probably went broke buying me the right “brand.” – Who cares?
  •  I would have not cared where I parked in the parking lot and with whom. I would just be thankful to have a car.
  •  I would sincerely thank those teachers who invested in me.
  •  I would have taken more chances!!!!
  • I would stand up for what is right (and I did most of the time!)
  •  I would have worn my Senior Superlative title "Biggest Gossip" proudly...  (instead of this next one....)
  •   I would NOT have slapped anyone and gotten suspended! It haunts me til’ this day! After all, I did miss our class picture in the gym and my B-day at school. That sucked!
      I would totally have one last mud fight with all my besties! I lust after another good mud wrestling event. I am convinced Beefy’s Mud Bash will return one day! Hey, maybe on our 20th???? (enjoy the photos below and praise the Lord some of them are too blurry to recognize people...LOL ...if you were there you know who they are :) I will not name names...but I will name INITIALS...LOL

Clearly...mud is good for the complexion and we learned this early on......
- So, let’s don’t all show up in clothes we can’t afford, cars that really don’t matter, and titles no one understands anyway. Let’s just show up and be us. 2001! So now, after a little reminiscing I am gonna expect the rest of y'all's registration forms to come on in now (or leave comments below)! Comments are my fave! I cannot wait to share the night of August 13th night with my class! So….Get your reunion …On the ROX! 

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