Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s your call……

I think we all want to be that friend everyone calls when they are excited or just need to spill their guts about something. Sometimes, the information is just so “bad girl” that you have to tell someone or you quite possibly may burst. I’ve heard this is where women go wrong with information…. details of a relationship or an affair. We simply cannot wait to dish and simply get all the feedback we can or to clean our guilty consciences. Then, it gets more exciting to tell the story sometimes and the information spreads from there. Now, I have never had a close to friend to have an affair. But we have for doggone sure had our share of exciting, bad girl circumstances. Although, the older we get the less this seems to happen..come to think of it, it has been a long time for any of us.  All I can say about that is, thank God..... We never kiss and tell in our group! What gets shared...stays. Creating a life long bond of secrets and story telling.
For whatever reason my girlfriends call me, I light up at the sound of their voice. When you share secrets and stories with them for so many years now, you can tell in the first few seconds how that call is going turn out. I love when they catch me totally off guard with some juicy details or some exciting news (like some new magical bling, etc.) Mostly, it happens during the worst possible time at home (bed time for GA, supper time, or during the Good Wife) but I don’t care I will always stop what I’m doing. Now are the days of scheduled ‘catch up’ phone calls and a series of phone calls just to get to the good details of our lives. But like always, I never want to miss a second of girl time and it absolutely thrills me to get a glimpse into their life via phone or text which is so different than my own life. I once told a good friend of mine, “sometimes I wish I had your life” and she said, “…and sometimes I wish I had yours.” Well, that puts things into perspective now doesn’t it? If I could take a little smidgen of all my BFF’s lives and put them together, it would be one HOT foxy lady who had it all going on! The truth is…we all got it going on to some extent (oh yeah we do!).

The best parts of these conversations (for me) are those few seconds when you realize your BFF is up to something and she is waiting for just the right time crack with the scoop. I can mentally see on her face the excitement and hear in her voice complete pleasure with every detail. I also love to totally BURN them when they are explaining details as if they didn’t plan it that way at all. Yeah right….I’m totally on to her. I can so read into scandalous. Whatever the phone call, I am down for some advice giving!!! For the most part, I have always floated through life always banking on the fact that God is in control….and He is!!!!!!! However, we cannot outsmart human nature and the desires that bring out the utmost bad girl in us. I realize now since my life is kinda normal that none of my bad girl times outweigh the ‘good girl’ times I have in my life now. It’s just not worth it! I do not miss the days of random dates, loser guys, and trying to make things work that quite frankly were just stupid to begin with. 

My whole point in getting off on this girlfriend / news flash tangent is that for years I have been the one getting to hear fab stories of boyfriends, heartache, engagement rings, and so forth. Y’all should just know that these moments are absolutely priceless to me. If you have one BFF or 100 you know that those special times where you lean on each other, and spend hours laughing, or even crying it fills your soul and you leave that place a changed person. Every time I am with one of my girls, I leave a better person than when I came….Even if we are at a restaurant where I can’t understand anything but “chicken” on the menu. I leave that place knowing that my friend (love ya Tracie) who chose that restaurant is such a sweet, charming, enlightening person. I value her because she broadens my horizons from what I’m used to here on the Rox and I would never be who I am without her. There should be some kind of special holidays set aside just for girl time…Well, it don’t really matter…..we make our own holidays for girl time anyway!! 
So, as the years pass by, just know I love being the one who gets called to hear the news, the details, or even the unexpected tears on the other end of the line. I will always give you that dose of honesty on the other end just as each of you did for me many years ago and still to this day. Thank you for always being the best medicine, the best therapist, the best confidant, the best laugh, the best FRIEND. Love y’all!


  1. This is like dessert for me tonight! I even forgive you for posting that HID-E-OUS pic of me! I love you and thank GOD for bringing us together. Don't know HOW I would be here now if not for you, my love! I LOVE girlfriend-catch-up phone calls. I am SO GLAD you started bloggin! (Somethin else to be addicted to!) ;)

  2. YOU are an amazing writer! Thank you for being an inspiration and true friend. I am so blessed to have you in my life!


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