Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The 10 Years From Hat Club.....

Oh yea y'all. Summer is officially here! I can prove it on so many levels…. Here go a few of my faves from the weekend….

Nothing makes my day like walking into our local favorite summer hot spot and hearing, "here comes Hollywood!" {Insert slow motion music video of hot girl walking in, breeze blowing, and sun shining…….complete with 3 beach bags, cooler, and running child with floaties…}
Oh yea…Reality…..That's right....hair in tact, trendy headband, pearl earrings, fresh make-up, flossy cover-up, and the largest sunglasses you've ever seen (Thank You DG and Anna Foushee Welch for my latest hot summer accessory). That loud "here comes Hollywood" would be coming from one of my fave summer partners-in-crime Mrs. Amy Newton. And oh yes I am fully accessorized and completely made-over just for her viewing pleasure. Well, not really just for her (shhhhhh..don’t tell her…she doesn’t have the internet…seriously…yes I know, that’s a whole other issue). I have realized that when you no longer have your oh-so-fabulous girlish figure (did I ever really have that anyway?...um I think yes!...see mud photos here ), you must accessorize and rock what you have in order to make up for it. Therefore, I will rock my headband, my full on Merle Norman skin care line and make-up collection as well as my trademark of very very very large pearl stud earrings and I will rock them well. And they are my trademark. And yes….that is how I will survive summer complete with golden brown deciousness of a tan. So, later this week I will catch everyone up on our Summer Survival Kit, including all summer essentials for my Hollywood look.
Now, the official opening of summer would not be complete without our entourage of fabulous females. Upon entry to the Whispering Pines you will be greeted by the newly named “10 Years from Hat Club.”  This would consist of one wild group of fabulous females, each bringing their own array of deliciousness to the row of chairs for which we have claimed as our summer retreat. Now this club, named by our favorite lifeguard indeed, is by far no insult. This means we have exactly 10 good years before we start wearing the ever so dreaded, sun visor. And yes, companies do still produce and sell them for your retail therapy delight…NOT! Well, at least 2 members of the “10 Years From Hat Club” will show you up Mr. name-calling-lifeguard-man. I mean after all, you are talking to the accessory and perfectly personalized.... Queen! So….say what you will but, I will be rocking one of these real shortly at the whispering pines!

Not only is spending the summer together good for us, it is good for our babies and menfolk. Let’s be serious, what better way to flaunt your husband and babies than at the pool. First of all, nothing is more fun than a slick, wet baby in swimming gear splashing around. Second, husbands are always in a good mood at the pool which makes them extra HOT! (Exhibit A)
Now, even though they are our babies, they are growing up quite quickly before our eyes. It was just four years ago that my Georgia Anne and Ethan spent their first summer together at the pool. {Insert awwwwwwwwwww} My how time flies….
 Well, they are just as cute today as they were then and still best buddies (until someone squirts somebody with somethin’ or they need to wrestle for a float, or somebody threw their pool thingy in the deep end)…Hey, it’s summer….let em’ work it out themselves. But the best thing about our babies and the pool is you get this at the end of the day………..
 {Insert large chorus of Alleluia}

So to all of you who are wishing you could sit back and watch the “10 Years From Hat Club” enjoy their summer at the pool, too bad. You can’t unless you have a membership. And quite frankly I just want to rub that in a little since this year is our first year as actual members. Ahhhh, thank you summer for coming in on a long weekend!


  1. Ah Amy Newton...I can SO hear her saying that. lol And yeah, the whole issue of those Newtons not having internet is quite a different subject indeed. :P


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