Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Got to be SC!

First let me apologize for that ginormous picture of me in the heading...I will be getting that fixed ASAP.....It is so annoying how it will not line up in center...Grrr...Ok carry on...
There is something about the South Carolina air that speaks to my soul. The moisture, the salt, the pure fragrance of SC should be bottled for sale. Once I cross over that state line it is like I am a completely different person. I am at home. I am free, I am breathing in pure bliss.  No matter if I’m driving or sitting in the passenger seat I get jittery the closer I get to the line.  I even like stopping at the “SC Welcome Center” just to get the chance to get out on the sandy soil sooner than later (ridiculous I know but I can pull a pee-break better than anyone I know). 

I had the pleasure of going to SC for a super long weekend (thank you hubby) to visit one of my besties and to scoop up some family time with some Newtons who joined us later in the weekend! Here are a few fun things that happened on our traveling adventure.
First, now y’all know I was born in SC and so true to the land of my birth I will remain. Naturally, any SC girl would get excited about crossing the state line. This I have done numerous times. And EVERY time I get excited…Oh yes y’all it’s South of the Boarder! Seriously….who doesn’t get excited about the miles and miles of countless entertaining billboards on the way? With all those fabulous colors, moving objects, and some even glow-in-the-dark…Serious roadside entertainment is what I’m talking about! Thank you Pedro for your enlightening descriptions of the oh-so -famous South of the Boarder and your articles and attractions for our traveling delight. The anticipation nearly glues me to the window every time! 
Can you not smell the excitement already? Disclaimer...not a good location for suitable hotels no...

"You never Sausage A Place".....bahahahahah cracks me up every time....This is my fave. Along with her sister billboard going North stating "You're a Weiner with Pedro" ....

2 good things in one photo; actually 3: low gas prices, PALM TREES, and Subway :)

Moving on…..No summer vacay would not be complete without a little family time. On Friday we had one of those perfect days where the sun was just perfect, there was a restless breeze blowing, and the beach was hardly crowded. Sean and Georgia Anne were just precious the entire day. Sean and I could sit back, watch GA play in the sand, and take turns walking on the beach while she played. It was just delicious. As I was walking, I got to thinking…(imagine that) There is something very powerful about the ocean. It is uncontrollable, irrational, loud, and peaceful at the same time. It brings forth what is deep under the surface, rehearsing the fate of what it has found underneath, and repeats over and over again. It forcefully loses control, exposing the surface, then sweeps it up again (anybody want to draw a comparison to somebody…..hmmmmmmmmm). 
So anywho…I connect with the ocean…no surprise there! Here are a few photos from our perfect family day...
Doesn't this look like a Southern Belle to you? Just precious....

future Baywatcher?

Next, there is nothing other than the grace of God that has led me to this woman…I mean, were we separated at birth? Were we both oh-so-faboulous that God separated our souls and made us 2 people instead of one? I think yes! I love this amazing girl so much. While living in Myrtle Beach several years ago, I stumbled across a friendship that was absolutely a work of God! Here I am living on the Rox, 5 hours away, and still I feel like she is close by.  One of the best things about my love Jenn, is that we can share clothes. I mean, let’s be honest…we have good taste…might as well share it! So, as I was lingering around her house over the weekend, I decided to have little fashion show via Jenn’s closet. Oh my….how I wish I had packed a bigger bag to bring home some of these babies….. Thank you for the new additions to Ber’s closet ;) 
BESTIES!....Here's us with our babies at Reagan's graduation

Switcheroo...loving the shirt exchange...thank you ...Oh wait, she wouldn't let me have this one :( 
oh the joy of this dress..but I can't have it either....
She so rocks it better than me anywho....

And finally, no summer getaway can be complete without a little drama! So I have never been on the beach when lifeguards were actually blowing whistles and getting people out of the water. FrEaKy…if I must say so myself. I’m talking major Jaws issues as a child….I still cannot watch that movie! (And why is that always on cable at the beach…I just don’t get it.) So, as crowds gather on the beach and lifeguards are sportin’ their Baywatch skills and all, what does Amber do? Duh, be nosy and find out what the who is going on….And here is when it happened….I got an almost, up close and personal, snapshot of the mysterious Stingrays. And here ya go…..
talk about S-C-A-R-Y

I was like right there as they were washing up on shore. Never did I get an actual good photo of them but they were swarming the beach all day. Back and forth….Oh, it was complete torture. Do you think I was letting my babies get in there?....I think not. NEVER have I ever experienced anything like this on the beach! So, come vacay in July, Landon and GA will not be surfing waves with Uncle Thomas. And that is how vacay will go from now on. Thank you…. And here are my precious babies that survived the drama. 

No, finally is really this right here. I have been hearing all about “Skinny Girl” from my blogging friends and was like, whatev….It can’t be all that and I never go “out for drinks” anymore anyway…..Say what???? That does not mean a little sample is not in order on vacay….meet my new fave mature beverage. Jenn just happened to be on board with this little growing secret of 27 calorie delight. Ahhhhhhh thank you 

BONUS: I also found “Cupcake” which is a new fave wine of mine ever since little Mrs. Tracie Rodriguez’ engagement party. Couldn't find it on the Rox anywhere....

And yes ladies and gentleman, it is available in SC …. Land of all things that bring on a happy me 

Here is a few more of my fave pics from the weekend....
seriously cute

thick as thieves

what is the purpose?

holding him is the best! 

dun dun dun ....troublemakers? I think yes!

luckily for your viewing pleasure....GA is perfectly positioned as a shield ;)

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