Thursday, June 16, 2011

I can't believe it's not..........

So, as a calorie counter, recent Weight Watchers member, and lover of most foods, I cannot help but be so grateful to this amazing product...
 However, in my nutrition class in college we actually did a little research and found that it is just couple molecules short of being plastic...if I remember correctly (it has been a while). I an not a scientist nor do I have any actual factual info to back that up. SORRY! My co-worker Dawn, believes that it is slowly attaching itself to my arteries.  Whatever the problem, who actually cares? I mean this product saves me lots of calories every day + it is delicious and I seriously Can't Believe It's Not Butter :)

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use it:

1. Morning - Several sprays on Whole Grain Low Fat Kellog's Waffles - PLUS sugar free syrup--- total for   2 waffles = 195 calories....cha-ching!!!

2. Vegetable medley- this is so good. I use fresh squash, zucchini, and onions to make a delish side dish for supper. First, cut all the vegetables as you normally would then coat the bottom of a frying pan with about 2-3 tablespoons of the non-butter concoction.  Then, add vegetables beginning with onions first for a few minutes. Then add the squash and zucchini.... Place lid on top for several minutes over medium heat until the vegetables become tender. After about 15 minutes of cooking top with 2 tsp. of Splenda, then S & P to taste and you have one delish side item with nearly zero (0) calories. Even my four-year-old loves it (at least the zucchini anyway). If you wanna get really awesome at this add Mrs. Dash for a salt-free version.

3. I use this on muffins, toast, baked potatoes, and so much more. It is so good in grits for a another breakfast option.

Bottom line....thank you Fabio and Kim Cattrall for supporting my no-calorie needs for a butter substitute.

I would rather have the butter...just sayin'

My other no calorie obsession of a somewhat questionable nature is.....
Doesn't it look so refreshing in this photo?
 um....ahhhhh...don't you feel refreshed already?
But look at these... even better.
Doesn't DC look so sexy from the side? Yes.

Retro DC. Just to prove that DC has never left the fashion scene and will always be coming back.

This is a seriously honest comment on this here can. Hormone elevation? I think...hormone delight.

Diet Coke is another one of my many daily downfalls in accordance to food intake.....Here is what I like to do...I drink nothing in the morning until I get to work. Not one sip of ANYTHING. I like to get my toaster going with some waffles, sandwich thins and so forth, and get at my desk. Then I eat most of my breakfast before I drink ANYTHING. Then, all the sudden I'm thirsty and like some magical moment in time, I crack open my can for nothing other than ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... it is just so dang refreshing...AND it hits the spot  EVERYtime. Good grief it is just the most wonderful, refreshing sensation.And I am also a DC snob. Cans only PLEASE :)

Now, I must admit that Sean and I have had some serious, heated, and downright dirty discussions over this topic; My love for Diet Coke. All I gotta say is...don't be jealous Sean. From now on when the Diet Coke discussion comes up, I'm going outside or putting on ear muffs.

 Here are my justifications for my daily Diet Coke Activity / Consumption:
1. I WILL continue to drink diet coke until plain water gets considerably more personality.
2. I need the caffeine to even get motivated on a daily basis. (I am not a coffee drinker ...especially in the summer)
3.  I have never actually heard a Dr. say that Diet Coke is bad for you. Now, clearly they would like for you to consume a small amount of carbonated beverages but there is no clear indication that Diet Coke has me one foot in the grave. So, until Mr. Austin becomes Dr. Sean M. Austin, M.D. I will be getting my Diet Coke on' ...On a regular basis.
4. I have done plenty of other worse things throughout my lifetime that could do way more damage.  I quit smoking for goodness sakes, and that kept me skinnier than Diet Coke...I am so NOT going there right now.
5. Some people (I will not name names, only initials ..ah hem...S.M.A) who have problems with my Diet Coke consumption drink Diet Dr. Pepper with Cherry, or REGULAR Mt. Dew, Pepsi, Coke, and so on... So, do not cast any stones if you are not solely drinking non-carbonated beverages. Thank you and have a great day.
6. Since I already have like 4 parents, and I am of a somewhat mature age now, I will continue to make own decisions. OK? Great. Now that we have gotten that squared away, I'm thirsty......... 

and here is what I think the next Diet Coke Commercial should entail.....

Fully dressed in wedding attire rockin' a Diet that is dedication. You must agree this would be a great ad? Commercial? the next DC can photo cover? Thank you for your support.


  1. I will totally back you up on the Diet Coke. I have seriously cutback but it is my #1 choice for a soda. Never tried the not-butter and I will not be adding it to my shopping list. I believe the more natural something is the better your body will process it so me and Paula Deen will stick to our REAL butter.

  2. You make me L.O.L. literally. I'm reading this to my Mr.(who could care less about anything I have to say when it's "his" time of the day) who doesn't miss a beat and says, "sounds all too familiar!" His argument is that DC is getting to be very expensive and I should try an alternative product such as Diet Big K or Diet Mountain Lion. Umm, I think not! Like you, I don't drink coffee and I am greeted (most days) of the year by 24 precious 7 year olds before 8 am. I am entitled to a few GREAT caffeinated beverages each and every day and refuse to go subpar! Anyway, thanks for the entertainment!


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