Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You wanna be what?

Disclaimer: While reading this post I will need to refer to myslef as Baby-D. Something about being with this girl takes me back to when we first became tight at the PHS (Person High School).  Note: I promise I will explain all my random nicknames in a future post. I have several. That should be a good one.

Boy did I have a shocker coming at me over the weekend with LC...Here goes...
That's LC to my left looking all happy and sweet. A true Southern Sweetie!
Something about being with one of your besties and listening to rap tunes reverts me to my old ways. Hence the need to refer to myselff as Baby-D for the remainder of the post (ever seen Next Friday?). Baby-D was my high school nickname given to me by my cheerleading squad in 9th grade by the Varsity Captains. All this is playing together so nicely. You'll see. You know how every once in a while one of those magical weekends comes along where everything in stars align perfectly and you are able to escape from normal life? Well, it happened to me this weekend. I was there.

And then..., LC gives me the ultimate shocker. I swear this is worth the anticipation.

So, I can't help but share this little tid bit about my friend LC (which will remain nameless for Google searching purposes). So there we are just chillin' in the Beamer rollin' through Bath, NC and I whip out my trusty Ipod packed full of old rap tunes. I'm talkin Circa 1990-2001. Not just today's scrambled rap madness, I'm talking for real classic tunes. Biggie, 2Pac, Warren G, Snoop, Lil' Kim, etc. you know??? the REAL deal. Anywho, we get all into our jams as we cruise along, ... then all the sudden LC casually mentions that her lifelong dream is to be in a rap video (quite possibly with Lil' Wayne).

ME (to myselff): Wait a minute. Pull over white girl. What? Now, this I never knew.....And you think you know somebody...OMG! Then there is more mention of Lil' Wayne and so forth. Major discussion.

Come to think of it she would be the perfect addition to Lil' Wayne's next video. I mean check out his latest jam with Kelly Rowland called Motivation.  (Sorry I can't post. I'm looking out for all my readers who would just gasp at the moves Kelly puts on.) Clearly LC could play the part (and she loves that jam). Just look at that blonde hair and she has legs for miles. And...she already got da' pimped Beamer....Lil' Wayne would be all about this girl...
This is the exact moment of her confession. I just died.

So, that Ol' Saying.."Know who your friends are." Wellllllllllllll, it just took a whole new meaning. Clearly, there are things about all my BFF's that have trickled through the cracks over the years. So instead of "Girls Weekend" I'm proposing a 'Confession Weekend.' Anything you all need to share?

Other than that little surprise in my weekend. We did absolutely nothing. Here are the highlights:

Behind the guest house. We were watching the sun set. Ahhhhhmazing!

You can see just a little peek of sun. We couldn't walk much outside because there was a bear and baby cub sighting. YIKES!

Our outlook for the remainder of the weekend.

One thing I can say is that I know the Lord has blessed me with a friend for life. We laugh, we cry, we pray, we discuss, we walk, we shop, we rap. We do it all. For certain, over the past 10 years we have built some great memories together and I know there are more to come. Love ya LC!

Finally, my final accomplishment for the weekend was not only gettin' my tan on, and spending time with my girl LC, but also finding the model for the Future Austin Estate. So Sean Austin, the search is over (aren't you relieved?). Here it is. I'll get the floor plan on the next trip!
Imagine this...Hester's Store Road, Hurdle Mills, NC ~ White with Navy shutters, larger columns in the front, and possibly navy tin Roof. ~ I'm feeling it. It also comes with luxury quarters for Moi as I will clearly need a relaxation space from all my gardening and child rearing.
I wonder if this will fit into our 5-year plan? Hey, a girl can dream right?


  1. Oh that's awesome! LC in a rap video would be perfect.I know y'all had a great timing jamming out to some old school rap. Can't wait to see you next week!


  2. Amber, you are crazy ---and I just love it!!! Your blog is hilarious. Glad you enjoyed Bath with "LC", Baby-D!
    Love your house plans!


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