Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Um no....it is not me....no preggars for me. Shewwwwwwwww! Don't even wanna thank about that.

This is so totally random but, I have recently discovered some favorite things in my life that could have a possible twin. First,  No Southern Diva in her right mind should go anywhere without some sort of classic pearl adornment. One of my signature traits is my super large pearl stud earrings which just make my friends at the Whispering Pines all giddy. Don't be jealous y'all. My ears are perfectly suited for them. So, you can understand my amazement when I was shopping and saw this the other day which is the home accessory version of my super large pearl studs. Isn't that so exciting? Must purchase soon! Note to self: find rational, believable excuse to explain purchase to hubby :)
Someone must have seen the millions of Facebook photos of me with my large pearls and created this from inspiration. I must insist on a share of the profits.  Don't ya think?

So classy...Agreed?
Next, my wonderful friend / family ...Mr. Terry Newton is one who finds pleasure in hanging with the ladies. He is said to be "one of the girls..." So, as you all know I have no problem taking random photos of people I love and then asking their permission to blog about them (I still will whether they want me to or not). Luckily for me, Terry doesn't have internet (who can live this way may I ask?). I seriously think that he and Amy (the wife) are technologically challenged. I mean..this one time, they came to my house to use the internet to make an online purchase and it took like ummm....an hour. And why do they have a digital camera with no computer at home? Really? Anywho, Terry reminds me of one of my ultimate favorite things......Can we say Dr. McDreamy's twin? I think yes! Sadly, Terry just shaved off all his facial hair which gives Dr. McDreamy a slight edge. Otherwise, you would have to agree they were separated at birth.

See the resemblance? If not...even so, they both have a lovely smile and perfectly moussed hair.

See, Terry also has this suave nature with the ladies. They are drawn to him. They flock to him...They sit beside him in the most unusual places....I have seen this. The beach is no place to leave him unattended. It is a remarkable talent that he posses. Luckily, he is aware of his wife's awesomeness and really we all find this trait quite amusing.

Sorry for the randomness but I just had to share.


  1. Ha, I never thought about it, but Terry does kinda look like him.

  2. Oh my word, this post is hilarious. I can't believe Terry shaved his goatee! It also cracks me up that you keep posting about them, and they can't even read it. :P


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