Sunday, May 15, 2011

Holy Sundays!!!!

Sometimes we can learn the largest lesson from our children...or simply a children's message. This morning, as I sat in our usual row (up front like a good Baptist) I just kept thinking about how my church in Rox is so much different than the one I used to LOVE in Raleigh. However, one thing I love about both are the children's messages. For me, they are the version that we can always understand, relate to, and reflect on (no offense Rev. Wall).  Hey...if my four year old gets it than more than likely I will too. So today, I was blown away by Mr. Adams lesson on what is truly "inside." He had 2 presents; one nicely wrapped with a ribbon, and the other in balled up newspaper. Now, my baby GA is no fool; she choose the one with the balled up newspaper which magically had the prize inside (it was just M&M's but was still a prize). You can see where this was going....(then we ate M&M's through the offeratory hymn....)

Anywho....So as I sat there I started thinking about what is truly inside of ME. More importantly I thought about what message I am portraying on the outside. Some days, I am a very well put together package and others I am just barely put together at all...I may be a package filled with NOTHING inside on some days. Some days, I smile even though I don't want to, I laugh and tell funny stuff just to get through the conversation, and sometimes I even seem interested in what someone else is saying...even though I could care less! I think everyone has those days at some point.  I sat there thinking about this subject and how I have always been taught that you have to hold it together and put a smile on your face no matter what is going on internally. Say what????? If you know me you know this is not easy for me. The older I get...the more I just really don't care what others think. (Note to self....I need to start praying that I can use this for good and not evil :)

The magnitude of a pleasing outward appearance is what makes people stand there, gripping the pew in front of them, fighting back tears, and resisting what the Holy Spirit would have them to do. I know I have done that many times throughout my life. You don't want others to see that you can't hold it together or that there is something wrong in your life. We all have issues. I firmly believe that God has created us all to be emotional creatures. The only way we can feel those emotions is for God to use the circumstances in our lives for His glory.  When else will we lean on Him? We should be leaning on the Lord and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ instead of holding it all together and creating this package lifestyle.  Some of us are burdened by emotional scars so deep they may never fully heal. We may have days where it seems that God is no where to be found. But, the truth is, God has never ever left us. He has never forsaken us. At your lowest point, God was there whether you invited him or not.
I told ya......As y'all can see...I do sit in the front...way on up in the front....

I just had one of those really meaningful Sundays where the sound of all those heavenly voices singing together in the room give you chills, the lesson and the message was just right, and God showed up. Today He reminded me that next time I want to stay in my nite nite's until 2pm, wear no-makeup, and just be alone without fake-smiling at anyone, He is still there and He will use that opportunity to get my attention. He certainly got it this morning with a simple concept. Whether the package is all ribbons and pearls, or whether it is barely packaged at all, it still delivers a message. Have a great week! Love in Christ y'all!

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