Monday, October 17, 2011

Target to the Rescue

After the day I have had, all I can say is..Target you are in fact my favorite of the day. 
 (Actually this leeeetle surprise was Friday but I forgot all about actually opening the mail over the weekend and shazaaam, made my day today!) 

So today I have nearly the most draining day at work EVER. Mainly because I let myslef get all wrapped up in the imperfections of others. Not a good trait I know. I can't help it. I am the do-gooder type. The fixer. The rainbow, smily, clouds and sunshine kinda girl that wants to just save the planet and make everyone all glittery and sparkly with good traits. Know what I mean? 
Picture it, me actually saving the world. I can totally see it. 

Anywho, to make a long story short, I went shopping after work with one of ma favorite locals. I dare to mention her name for lack of being able to actually link her to this post or even share it with her for goodness sakes. No Facebook, no e-mail, no INTERNET. How dare she??? I mean, so amazing that we are even friends. Well, the truth is we have been friends for like 12 years now but now we are family thanks to the Austin/Newton's. This sort of thing happens on the Rox quite often. I will say that I have spoken of her in this post and her hubs in this post. Just wanna say, LOVE her and girlfriend made my night with a little impromptu retail therapy. Nothing like chit-chatting all the way in the car and back. No one else could even come close to getting a word in.
Moving on. So after having a crazy day at work (and still feeling blessed by my job), and shopping, and Chic-Fil-A diet lemonade, I was yet to find another surprise upon my home arrival. While digging out receipts for the hubs outta my purse, I stumbled upon a reminder on the kitchen table for a little BONUS via my mailbox and Target. 

What happened next just and I was completely smitten with the new addition to my daily necessities. 

Don't Be jealous. This here is another reward of coupon delight.

This is the prefect size/color/shape and fabric for my purse make-up storage.

I don't know that I've ever truly noticed my ring in a photo. That was 100 X more better than the samples :) 
LOVE LOVE LOVE me some samples. They are the best for traveling. I also like to keep some hair shampoo/conditioner samples in my wallet.  Hey, you just never know..... and the ones in these flat packages fit in perfectly. It's pretty sad when hair samples replace your checkbook in your wallet but at least if I get stuck somewhere over night I can still have some clean, shiny, hair in the morning! Priorities.

Notice the $20 worth of store coupons? Pair them with manufacturer coupons and you can catch a pretty sweet deal on some cosmetics. Off to target we go this weekend. Cha-Ching! 

Thank you Target for sending me a "happy-gram" on just the right day, and thankfully I am always late doing anything, and I opened it at just the right time!! 

For more info on free samples, and coupons check out They will randomly post when sweet deals like this come about and you can grab the links from their page to sign up! SIMPLE!

Happy Monday Night! 

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  1. Dang! I keep saying I'm gonna get addicted to Southern Savers, but I just don't. What's wrong with me? LOVE gettin free shizzam in the mail!


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