Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MaKeOvEr for my Addiction

Have you heard the news? Ma fave bevi just got a little sexy makeover. It is supposed to be for a "limited time" so lets see how the sales bust through the roof. Let me move some stocks over to the Coca-Cola! I'm all stocked up at home too...3 twelve packs deep. But, you know if I find a good sale I have $1.50 OFF coupon and I can hook myself up with some more :)

In case you haven't seen, I'm going to kill your suspense early. The first time I saw them I was overjoyed. I was in TN for the weekend and I thought it was some stellar retail shenanigan they were pulling up there. I wanted to purchase one immediately.
Don't they look remarkably refreshing as a pair? So contemporary. So chic. So delicious. So fabulous, so classic.  I think I needs to go pop one open now!

Not what I had planned for tonight but I have some other posts coming up later this week. I have my homework cut out for me until Friday. Literally I'ma busy girl this week! It's a rainin' and I just want to be snuggled up bloggin'.  Have a great week y'all! I'm so far behind and I miss you! More posts to come. Promise!

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