Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some Moments are Just Priceless!

Those of us who are blessed beyond words with children that we just adore are well aware that there are some moments that are just too precious to put into words. So, along with words, I give you photos.

Here's me....yesterday morning.

Every morning when I drop off my sweet girl, I have to wave to her in the window, blow kisses, make silly faces, sign "I love You" and continue waving until I am out of her sight. Being the crazy, busy, over-scheduled, and running-late mom that only I can be, I didn't wait around yesterday to wave because she was talking to her little friends. So sad what happens next. Since GA wasn't paying me any mind I just scooted off to working thinking I just bought myself 2 minutes of being earlier than usual, and my baby forgot to wave to me. 

Well...... then I get to work, put two (whole grain) waffles in the toaster, answer 2 emails and the phone rings. My baby is still waiting at the window for me at school her teacher says. Geez Louise.  After speaking with GA, she confirms that a photo will suffice for today. Luckily, her teacher loves us both enough to accept my dashing window-waving reenactment photo via text message on her phone. The things we do for our children.

The best part was asking my co-worker to actually take the photo from inside our office, while trying not to get any stray pedestrians in the background. 'Cause you know uptown Rox is just streaming with morning pedestrians on their commute. Needless to say, working for an organization that is devoted to young children just became another blessing for the day.

Here's What I got back:
 A very happy little girl and one extremely blessed mama! Isn't she precious? Tommy & Jerry tee paired with rhinestone headband and skinny jeans. So my child.

Every day I run here and there doing this and that only to find myself exhausted and forgetting even the simplest things. I am so thankful that GA can help me put it all into perspective!  

Don't forget the little things y'all!  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. SO sweet! I love that you re-created the scene just for your baby! Precious!!!


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