Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend On the Rox

If you have lived here your whole life such as I, some of these photos you will find not at all shocking or even the least bit absurd. I, however, have found that the more I seek to actually capture Roxboro at it's finest, provides me with more opportunity to reveal true "life on the Rox" experiences.

And first we shall examine the notorious Roxboro 4th of July parade. Side Note: I am an absolute feign for a parade. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So, we must dress accordingly right? Duh. Well, my rendition of red white and blue would be pink and navy, paired with a little white pearl studs underneath... umkay? Luckily, my little GA was totally dressing the part for the 4th. we are....

Next, I shall supply you with the highlights from the parade.  Try to contain your enthusiasm. Now, I cannot comment on every photo because I may say something inappropriate and/ or I don't want to show favoritism. I hope you are not disappointed.

"Who you gonna call???"....Ghost Busters

yes. it does in fact actually exist and resides in Hurdle Mills I believe

Hurdle Mills FD representin'
 Wasn't that glorious? There are a few photos I left out for times sake and luckily for your viewing pleasure I screened them all for you. You're welcome. If you didn't go to the parade I know you are stricken with guilt  and most envious of me for getting to go.

The best part of the parade was GA and how she just thinks everything is magical. Especially when candy is involved. She even gets excited over the peppermints and the Caramel Cremes. Just precious. 
Don't you think my V. Secret bag is just the perfect size for parade treats? Oh,... so perfect.

Seriously???? How did I get such an adorable child? ANSWER: Jesus loves me!
And, not only do we proudly drive all our old school cars in the parade, we will then strategically park them in the nearest parking lot after the parade for admiration purposes.
"whatcha got under 'dat hood ova d'are?

Roxboro at it's finest. I am so proud to belong here. Seriously, we are one of a kind and I'm so glad that I belong to such a proud place. <3

Next, we shall visit Beefy's Birthday celebration / July 4th cookout at Hazel's. (Hazel would be Beefy's Grandma named Hilda which we changed to Hazel in high school. Her name still remains as Hazel. Good example of our awesomeness.)

I just love wet babies wearing nothing but a dipey . Look at his face..priceless.

I could steal him and then be on the news.

There is no such thing as the 4th without a slip-n-slide. 

Here is Hazel feeding the children some grilled marshmallows. That's cause it's too dang hot for a campfire. 

Love these kids.

And then on to the Whispering Pines....
AAA's (Mrs. Anna Welch, Mrs. Amber Austin, and future-Mrs. Alisha Triplett) Oh, and don't forget GA all up in the middle

so classy!
I am pretty upset I wasn't near my camera while GA broke down Beyonce's "Put a ring on it" while jiggling her little ruffled buttock on the diving board. "All da single ladies, all da single ladies....uh uh oh"....Floaties were indeed intact. Just priceless. She also sang "God bless America" and said the pledge for Aunt Anna (Hester) poolside. Must post ASAP! I gots to figure Youtube videos first. Maybe tmrw.

This is so my favorite photo of the weekend.
Then, on to the MIL and FIL's fo' supper....Doesn't she look precious? 
American as Apple Pie. And just so you know that is 50 blueberries and 100 strawberries. Personally, I think she has too much time on her hands.

This was the best thing that happened on the 4th. My Landon Thomas came home from his 11-day adventure with his mommy and daddy up North. I think he's ready to trade them in for full time with Auntie down South. I got to squeeze him. Numerous times.
I love this child so much. We are equally excited for fireworks. No seriously, we are.

Love Birds: We had to pimp in the Tacoma until the rain lifted with some of our besties. Aren't couple friends just the best? The boys can entertain themselves while we talk about them from afar.

30 minutes past Sean's bed time. A leetle obvious huh?

Extreme Dedication to skyline explosives.

Insert Katy Perry's "Firework" song here... :)         

Overall, a great day with the Triplett's whom we roped into all our Roxboro fun and frenzies.  You know they love us when they hang out with us On the Rox + be willing to hang out with our "special" families.  They were not the least bit afraid.  Those Tripletts are keepers for sure!                  


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  1. Amber,

    I loved your recap of the weekend and your hat was awesome! Looks like y'all celebrated in perfect Roxboro fashion. Was Sean able to stay awake for all of the fireworks?

    See you tonight!


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