Thursday, July 28, 2011


Can I just say that it is nothing other than the grace of God that I have been blog surfing tonight and I saw THIS POST. A recent fellow blogger....

Lindsey, as in Mommy Teaches!  , posted the sweetest most uplifting post today about ME. Little ol' me and my randomness. I needed this so bad today and I am so humbled and honored that she would choose me over all the other wonderful bloggers and authors out there.

Is this not the most amazing, uplifting thing????

MADE.MY.DAY!!!! Thank you so much Lindsey!

In turn, I would just like to say that Lindsey has got to be on my "Faves List"...I LOVE her blogs about teaching and the whole world that goes along with it. A MUST read! I'm going to grab her button RIGHT NOW so that you can all have constant access to her from my blog site.

What a great night!

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  1. You are so sweet! Thanks for the "shout out" and mad love on the blog!
    Hope you have a great weekend!


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