Sunday, July 17, 2011

Austin Family vs. Krispy Kreme

I cannot tell you all how I am totally hating myself right now. I know by Tuesday all of the calories I consumed over the last week will have seeped into my veins and I won't be able to fit into all the new clothes I just bought. If you by chance are driving down my road or Lochridge development and you see the large girl on the side of the road oooozing white sugary glaze from her pores, that's me. I will probably also need some sort of resuscitation so please do pull over and help a girl out.

How do 6 adults polish off 7 dozen donuts in a mere 5 days? Vacation lasted for 7 but the donuts were all gone by day 5. One night we started out with 2 dozens. And that's B.W. (before Wayne). Then, one night the girls decide to surprise the girls with 2 dozen. Well the guys surprised us with 3 dozen. FACT: Never place this many Austin's that close to the "Hot Sign." Complete madness I tell you. If you are wondering where they all went, let me refer to night #2 which I like to title "Donut Surprise." And here ya go....

  Geez Louise people. Have you ev'a in your life seen such a thing?My body is in pain.

Another one of my favorite nights was Austin/Summers dinner night. One of the best things about my fave vacay spot is gettin' to see my BFF. DOUBLE bonus!!!! And here we are.

OMG! Love her so much! True Story: We bought our babies the same shoes, tank top, and pair of pants on sale from Crazy 8 and didn't even tell each other. Not weird for us AT ALL. Lots of times we buy in 2's anyway for each other. Reagan and GA are the same size and so it makes it really easy. I like to think of it as God's little learning experience for what it would be like to have twins. Might as well take advantage of learning some God lessons while shopping.... Agreed?

What's even better than that is now she has a new little bambino which is perfect company for my nephew. They are just a few months apart and they are both such delicious babies. Here they are now chillin' at Aunt J's house.
L's shirt, "I still live with my parents" must be a hand-me-down from Uncle Sean? LOL 

Anyways, so I just wanted to share some of my favorite moments from our trip. I might not have much time to blog this week because I will probably be focused on losing all my Krispy Kreme fluctuation weight. As of tomorrow, its back to 1350 calories per day + running.  I just hope we don't have any Austin events this week or those calories will probably get blown right out of the water.

 Seriously, I love this kid like no other. He is such a sweetie. And how can you resist the Austin charm he puts on. I told my SIL this weekend. No worries when I'm around. I nearly document his every move on camera.
absolutely precious

How blessed am I?

Seriously, she is the 2nd best thing about being an Austin!!! Love my Sister In Law!

Can't you just picture him saying, "Duh Auntie, what did you think you were gonna see at the aquarium?"

Every time we go on vacay, I just fall more in love with my little girl as she explores new things. I swear no one loves their baby as much as I do.
 On the way home from Myrtle, we took GA to see the Battleship in Wilmington. My nerves were tore up. She was climbing all over everything, and getting real close to the sides, looking over to see the water. Completely crazy I tell you. Not to mention my CrAzY kicks in when I'm in small places. Claustrophobia  ...CHECK!!!!

Some nice little man from the Admissions Dept. at my Alma Mater took this photo for us. A whole slew of MC girls cheered and clapped when they saw my Onyx. It was magical.

Let's all pause for a moment of silence in honor of the onyx BLING :) 

Also so sexy from the side.
 And moving on to GA's last adventure on the Battleship. Doesn't she look like a natural? Maybe she will be a captain, pilot, or an astronaut? Well, this weekend she told Ms. Angela she wanted to be a rock star at night and a nurse during the day. Whatever she wants to be...I don't care. I just feel so blessed that she has the Austin's (all of them) who love her and support her even though she doesn't bear their last name.

Needless to say, priceless family vacation..(thank to the inlaws ;)

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  1. You crack me up! I looove a hot doughnut. Or a warmed up one the next day lol. Glad you guys had a good time. Wonderful pics of all those babies.


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