Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Conviction Vol. 1

There is no other way to describe this post other than conviction. It will take 2 Volumes to really explain.  It seems here lately, I am on a little coaster-ride through an emotional valley. I would say since my last post, I feel like I have had every possible emotion pulled out of me. I have felt an extreme amount of heart-hurts, and WORRY over the last week or so on a number of subjects. I feel really convicted for many things and I want to make it right! I know God is reading this too so it's a start at least??? God is my Follower. (I need to make that a bumper sticker...If you steal my idea I will hunt you down....just sayin')

First, I would like to say that I am so absolutely proud of you, my followers. You continue to read me even when I'm crazy, down right delusional, or simply stricken by some amazing product that Rox my world. My little madness is somehow interesting enough that you keep coming back for more. What I love about blogging is that over a period of time you can take a sneak peak into someone's life or simply escape from your own for just a few short minutes of reading someone's nonsense. What blogging means to me is simply an escape from the many moments I have waiting on someone else, caring for someone else, or doing things for someone else. I can be as crazy, spontaneous or honest (sorta) as I want to be. I cannot tell you how there are things I want to blog about sometimes but really can't because of who may read them. Here are a few of those titles from which I must refrain to post:

  • "Sure, Let me Drop What I'm doing...Just for You"
  • "Reasons Why You Should Live With Someone FIRST" (love you honey...)
  • "Divorce; Don't worry, It won't kill you!" (this in no way whatsoever refers to my hubby :) 
  • "Family Matters Vol. 1: The Joys of Having Caller ID"
  • "Family Matters Vol. 2:  Why I Don't Answer the Phone When You Call"
  • "Oh, NO she Didn't" - highlighting the joys of having those so-called "friends" 
and finally,

  • "If You Didn't Want Anyone to Know....Don't tell Anyone."
There are so many times that I just wanna call out a friend on something but you just can't and I wanna blog about it soooooooooooooooo bad. So instead, you just talk to someone who doesn't like him/her. Don't be a hater either...you know you do it too. The same goes for family when somebody has just about pushed your last button and you are ready to SNAP! If I blogged about it then I would just feel guilty and convicted later on which would just waste my blogging time and probably make my family crazier than it already is. I have so many families too. Which is good by the way cause they never know if I'm talking about them or not. I'm sneaky that way.

 So, in order to cope with all my random thoughts and get myself focused here is what I did over the weekend:
I canned Salsa all day on Saturday. And made a batch of dill pickle. I have made nearly 3 gallons of salsa which is thebomb.com and I can't stop there. I made one more batch last night and probably one more this week. I got some great tomatoes from Sean's Aunt and Uncle and just that little gesture from them MADE MY WEEKEND.  It was time consuming and just what I needed to clear my head and put my thoughts in the right place. Me, the kitchen, and my Ipod were in such a magical place on Saturday. Meanwhile, GA played all day and completely tore the house apart but I didn't care. We were both in our happy place :) Sean worked all day and came home to 2 happy girls!

-Overall,  I felt like the more worry, hurt, or anxious I felt, God popped in and was right there last week. Which led me to think about many of my blessings. The SAME thing is happening this week! Keep it coming is all I got to say!

~More on Conviction by the weekend! Hope you all have a happy Wednesday!

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