Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In my Next Life as a Farmer's Wife.......

Just when you thought the Rox couldn't get any more entertaining and it is the absolute smallest town on earth, you realize that there are towns that are in fact smaller, have less shopportunity, and way more tractors and corn fields. Meet Roxboro's lil' sister....

If you learned anything about me at all over the last 20 blogs or so you should know that the small-town living is yet growing on me again (well a little). I once thought I would never move back to the Rox and now I am here and figuring out if I like it or not.  There is no escape from people knowing where you are, who you are with, or what time you got home.  Someone probably already told yo' mama before you could. Anyways, one of the best things about me living back on the Rox is my J-O-B. I love my job so much and every now and then I get to escape my office and visit with my providers at their homes. It is so refreshing to go and squeeze on some little babies that you know you can leave there and that you are not actually paying child care for. Nor do they wake up screaming at your house.

Lucky for me I ventured out today to visit some providers in Caswell County. I swear if I am ever reincarnated as a farmer's wife, we must live in Caswell County. It is the land of absolutely nothing and it is such beautiful country. Don't worry, I found some farms for sell today that I am prepared to share with you for purchase. Mainly because I was following a tractor going about 20 MPH for about 8 miles. I had plenty of time for photographs. Seriously.

A Few Caswell County Highlights:
The DMV- open one day per month; 1 grocery store, Bojangles, McDonalds, Dollar General, and ummmm 1 traffic light I believe.  There is also a prison there (in case there are any of your local friends you would like to visit occasionally on Sunday's in the Clink....) Well, my most favorite part of the Caswell County experience is a visit to Yoder's. Ummm Hmmm.
Thank God for the Amish. Y'all keep it real.

I just got me some nutritious snacks and some super handy canning devices that I couldn't find on the Rox. Yeeeeeeee Dawgieeeeeeeeee

I also got some of the BEST snackin' must haves. 

And some necessities for cannin' which I couldn't find on the Rox anywhere....
lid grabber, can grabber, retractable teaspoon and tablespoon :)
And Here are some those magical places I found for my reincarnated life. 

Can't you just picture it?  Me... with some huge garden I can barely contain, canning stuff, selling at the Farmer's Market, hollering at my children out the kitchen window to come in for supper (I am also not a working-mom in my reincarnated life). I can so picture it.

And as well all know, every small town must have a place to unwind....

 It's also convienently located 1 mile from here......
Coincidence? I think so.

Overall, a lovely day in the 110 degree heat, getting in and out of my car to love on some babies and enjoy the best part of my job...Road trips! So, until my next life, the Rox it is......


  1. Well I guess Roxboro isn't so small after all! I had no idea Caswell County was like this. I bet the Amish store is pretty interesting though. How many people do you think live there? And I wonder if they have one high school like we do....
    And as a farmer's wife, I think it's a GREAT place to live! You will be an expert in your farming skills too =)


  2. Dang! I so need all those cannin supplies! I hate figurin out creative ways to grab lids and mega hot jars! I didn't realize Caswell County was like this either ... maybe we can take a road trip sometime ...


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