Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Impulse Shopper

Well ladies and gentleman, this week I came down with some nasty infection and my Doctor hooked a Sista up with an antibiotic and a few other necessities. So, while strolling through the Rite Aid waiting for my 15-minutes-or-less-prescription I had some interesting fun with items that are an absolute must for your next impromptu shopping trip at the pharmacy.
Much needed pharmaceuticals :)
 Disclaimer: Let me just say that the whole "15-minute prescription guarantee" is in fact a hoax. It must be 15 minutes per medication which put me at nearly 45 minutes of strolling around up in the Rite-Aid. So kudos to you Rite-Aid with your retail fanciness and your plot to divulge into the Austin household bank account with all my completely insane impulse purchases while you take yo' sweet time hookin' a sister up with her pharmaceuticals (I actually just spelled that without Spell Check help which is simply amazing. Go Me.)
FAIL: 15 minutes or less? That's crap.
I sure was getting antsy and I was down right hungry since all I had time for was a Diet Coke up til' then.  But, instead of standing their stomping my bronze peep-toes (my fave by the way), I decided to explore the aisles. Big Bonus found.

Remarkably, I stumbled upon a treasure I have been wanting to try since the Strap-perfect came out. And just so you know, I am convinced that somehow the makers of the Strap Perfect stole the idea from me. I have always pinned my bra straps back with a hair barrette or safety pins in order to hide straps or simply give me a little push North. Anyways, I guess I missed the boat on that business pursuit.

Now for the Goods:  

Check out my most recent hair adventure. BUMPITS 
I am not even kidding. Complete baller status for your hair girlies.  In fact, I love them so much I am going to try them again tomorrow. You must click on the link above to hear the video on the home screen. I love the lady who screams because her hair is "so-last-year." It sounds like a horror film. Oh the fun.

I will admit that my hair is not fab here lately because I've had the same boring, plain Jane cut for years now. NOT my hair girls' fault. I've been trying to let it grow with sporadic trims here and there.  However, I do love BIG hair and putting it up in a big Do'. And in Roxboro, you can find lotsa ladies sportin' the huge hair do's.  You know those ladies with the big car, big purse, and the big HAIR. Depleting the ozone layer with that much hair spray on a daily basis is unnecessary. Just saying.

 Luckily, my hair is very versatile and can do just a bout anything with it. It holds curl, its shiny, its thick, I can straighten it or leave it wet and curly and still look decent. It is one of my best traits for sure. I ain't so blessed in other areas. weight for instance. That's a whole other tangent I won't discuss right now. It will kill my Bumpits hair buzz.

Anywho, I need to get a completely different cut or do color or something. I'm just waitin' til summers over. I only color my hair in the fall because it grows too fast and then I can do dark colors similar to my own natural hair. I am taking vitamins for my hair right now which have really jump started growth again + shine. So, when I ran across these Bumpits in the RA on Wednesday, I thought to myself, "hmmmm....maybe this will at least spice up my pony a little" since I'm practically wearing my hair up all the time right now anyway cause it's so freakin' hot in NC right now. Check out the handi-work. It ain't real easy girls. Don't be judgmental either. It was only round 1.
 So, now I'm practicing every day. I really like my pony too. Major hair transformation complete.Crisis averted. Impulse purchase totally worth it.

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